Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dear Blog....I've missed you.

What is a blog?  That is the question.
I've missed blogging
but it was starting to take up so much time when I had so many other things to do.
Lately I've been thinking of it a lot
and how I can fit it back into my life.
I am most certainly not a social butterfly but rather a homebody almost to the extreme
but even at home, I am always busy with some chore, craft or pleasure.
Spending a couple hours of blogging needed to be cut down on the priority list.
But I want to do this for me
Not that I haven't enjoyed the folks I used to follow, both reading their blogs and receiving their comments on my blog.
For now though, I'm going to tippie toe back into blog world, through the back door
and just slip inside.
This time I am blogging for me and will have to use some self discipline
Something I sorely lack.
I'm not going to spend time wandering around other blogs,
which is not to say I don't want to,
but that I have to keep my priorities.
My blog is for me.
My memories, thoughts, feelings, experiences.
It's meant to be a record of who I was, am and will be.
Something to have printed and leave as a legacy, something to look back on
Something for me.
I'm leaving the comment box open
But I don't expect many if any comments
Because I know I'm being selfish here.
But this time its for me.
With love, from me.