Sunday, August 23, 2015

The line in the sand.

Someone not too long ago shared with me their line in the sand theory
When I said that line is so often blurry
They said that no, on the contrary, it is very clear.

I thought about that, and still think about that a lot.
It has become a good analogy for me, a guideline.
The problem is the tide.

It comes in and washes away that line 
little by little until it is obliterated.
It gets to the point where I don't even know where it was.
I recently found out those tides have been coming at me for 36 years.

So, I start over once again and draw a new line.
Every time digging it a little deeper
gouging it with my heels as deep as I can.

The tides are a never-ending part of the universe.
As long as there is gravity and water, the tides will be there.
but maybe so is my ability
to keep on digging.

Until one day, the line will be there for good.