Friday, January 29, 2010

Guilty as Charged

Look at this adorable guy
His big brown eyes, in which I detect a hint of defiance

His "please love me 'cause I'm so darn cute" expression

Also his "I'm innocent, I didn't do it"

Uh huh.

Let me back up a bit.
We have a big property, 10 acres.
About half an acre of that is a fenced-in dog pen, built by the previous owners.
It kept our older dog contained for the 6 years he was with us here.

Monty, however, learned at about 6 months how to pull the wire fencing lower down and clamber over it.
No amount of reinforcing will keep him in..
He absolutley hates being away from me and won't put up with it.
Which is why the pen could be useful, because if I have to go out somewhere where I can't take him along, he won't "stay", but will follow me down the road.

The other night my son & I went to the movies. I had put Monty in the kitchen with his usual night-time barricades in place.
He was not impressed.
He pushed over the wooden-chair gate, & got into the living room.

When I got home, I saw what he had done, gave him shit (which was probably useless at that point), put him out & took some pictures, intending to share them with y'all.
Alas, I didn't know at the time that my camera card was not in the camera

So, I can't share the pictures unless I re-create the mess--------
plant stand pulled down & chewed on, pot of lilies emptied & half digested, lotion oozing out of its punctured tube,
that innocent face.

Use your imagination!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You'd Think........

This is my kitchen stove.
Nothing special, somewhat outdated.
Not likely to get a new one till this one finally goes kaput
And since things were made better a few decades ago,
That's not likely to happen.
Seen it all before, right?

This is my kitchen stove from a differnt angle
Not so flattering, right?
Those pretty little things
Designed to hide the ugly coil elements
Those handy little things called burner covers.
They are my nemesis

If you've ever bought them,
Take note that the package does not come with a warning,
an advisory,
A do not handle if incompetent disclaimer.
You know why that is?
Because they know that simple-minded folks like me
Who refuse to learn from their mistakes,
Will make the same mistake over and over.
And they will profit.
At least once a month, when I'm making some delectable delight,
I'll have turned my back for an instant.
Maybe to go water a plant or two,
Or fold a couple towels,
Or do any of the other number of things that women do
When we are "multi-tasking"
Suddenly, the air is pierced by the screech of the smoke alarm.
I instantly know what happened.
Into the kitchen I run,
Pull the pan off the burner
Burn my fingers trying to flick it off
Cause where the heck did all the oven mitts and kitchen towels disappear to?
The cover lands on the floor
The dog tries to lick it as I keep him away with one foot
(Thank god I have no little kids crawling around in the way)
I may get a nice little moon-shaped tattoo
On the floor.
Matches the other ones.
But, I do learn from my mistakes
I do, I swear I do!!!
Because tucked in a cupboard
I have all the other covers I bought at the same time.
I may not be the brightest crayon in the box,
I have foresight!
(And maybe some stock in the burner cover makers' companies
Might not be a bad idea!)

And, by the way, I did not format this in the run-on style with no breaks between the paragraphs in which it appears.
My blog has a mind of its own!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Mirror

When I look in the mirror
Who's that I see?
That's not me
Looking back at me.

That's my facade
It's the cover of my book
It's the cloak surrounding me

I'm buried there
Way underneath the wrappings
Hiding that me

Call it ironic,
But only those
who don't give a damn about me
are allowed to see me
The real me

To allow those who care
To have more than a passing glimpse
Is too much of a chance
For the real me

A risk I won't take
I am the Master of Disguise
the expert at Hide 'n Go Seek
The hidden object in Hot or Cold
The elusive goal in I Spy
I am me
Not the me in the mirror
But the real me

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm honoured!

I have been honoured by two nominations for the kreativ blogger award. My dear cousin Dagmar, and our friend in blogland Debbie (Ols). Thank-you so much Dagmar & Debbie! In order to accept this, there are some steps I must follow:

1. Thank the person who sent you the award.....done
2. Copy the award to this blog.....done
3. Place a link to that blog....ok, hang on...done
4. Name 7 things people don't know about you.....oh boy! To follow.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers whom you admire....that will be tough, only 7?
6. Place a link to these bloggers...will do.
7. Identify these bloggers of their award.....will do that too.

Okay........7 things people don't know about me:
This is really hard, the things that people don't know about me is because I don't want people to know them about me! But in the spirit of the award, I will list a few "less damaging to my reputation" ones!

1. I like Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)
2. My dad is my hero
3. I would like to try being a hermit for a month
4. I can live with most kinds of music, pop & folk are my favourites, but I abhor country! It just makes me wince.
5. I suffer from BPD, and struggle daily with it.
6. I still have all my childhood collections....stamps, dolls, cigar bands, joker cards, post cards, rocks, books.
7. I couldn't care less about nutrition, just give me what tastes good!

Sheesh, that was tough. Okay, bloggers I admire:

I admire all of you because you are all so unique and talented in your own ways and you all open up your world to us all. But, since I have to choose 7, here they are in no particular order:
1. Holly at "Your mother knows but won't tell you so I will"
2. Beth at "Be yourself, Everyone else is taken"
3. Dagmar at "Barefoot from Heaven"
4. Jeanie at "The Marmalade Gypsy"
5. Mrs. E at "Easy Street"
6. Peter at "A Fine Thought"
7. Kamana at "Journalling Through Photos"

I thank all of you who take the time to share yourselves!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

All out of words

I don't have any clever words today
I am a person of little words to begin
Never could get the knack of small talk
And the thought of talking with strangers
Fills me with dread
These pics are of the same waterfall
Which I took in the fall
And promised to take again
When it was frozen.
The perspective isn't great I notice
They look much smaller than they actually are
Even with Monty in front
The tiny footprints at the bottom help a bit
It was eerie walking through there
The creek, usually bubbling like crazy
Sometimes even a small river
Is silent under its icy covering
Except for the occasional burp
Which made Monty jump everytime
How to explain to him that the ground is not crumbling awa
under his feet?

Anyhow, enjoy the good life!
Till next time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up for Air

Its all over
The hustle & bustle
The messes & the beauty
The trimmings and the trappings

I can breathe

My house is back to normal
(except for the rows of pretty Christmas cards
that I don't want to take down yet...besides, I'm still expecting a few latecomers..
ahem, ahem Dagmar..but you're forgiven because although I missed your birthday, I did not forget!)

I can breathe
The tree is outside in the snowbank
Offering its remaining tinsel to the birds
I can walk barefoot in my living room again
Without sharp little fir needles piercing my feet

I can breathe

The cookies and the fruitcake are all gone
As are the turkey soup, the turkey sandwiches, the turkey pie
and the turkey casserole
And even that little bit of cranberry sauce that got shoved to the back of the fridge and crusted over

And I can breathe

I am going to find time tomorrow to catch up on all your posts
I promise
And I will breathe some more
Safe in the knowledge that I'm

..........hold your breath now......

flickr credit here