Sunday, September 30, 2012

Playing with Headers

It only took me an hour and a half to create this header
You like???

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday-My Day

Friday, the day I look forward to all week
It's been a heck of a week
Fraught with emotion, frustration and torn up self worth
Today I can put a closing lock on it.
Today is Friday - My day
Today is my sons' birthdays
Happy Birthday to the both of you
Wish you were here
Tomorrow I'll try to do a tribute post
Today is  Friday - My day
I work for a couple of hours
Just a token appearance really
Tomorrow is my one day off
the day my computer does't get turned on unless necessary
But today is Friday - My day.
Card playing day
First bridge with all the old fogies at the seniors centre
I am not a senior but they let me play with them - the more the merrier
and bridge players seem to be a dying breed
I fell in love with the game and will play with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
If you play bridge, you know,
If you don't, you don't.
Then a few hours on my own in town, walking around and running little errands
That part can get sketchy for me
because today is Friday - My day
Then head over to my friend Fran's
and organise for the night's game
either at her house, or Jackie's house, or Ralph's house or my house
and have an evening of letting go
playing cards and dominoes
With friends like these, I don't need enemies
Because the insults fly good naturedly through the room
The ribbing and teasing
and the laughing till we cry
We can all let loose, let our hair hang down, be totally us.
Everyone should have days like these.....
My days.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Picture if you will.......

It's been a gorgeous September, around 25C every day
warm enough for shorts and even tanktops
Today is Wednesday, half day of work for me
and newspaper day in our small town
So, after work, I take Monty and make the 45 minute walk to the mailbox and the store and back
looking for my e-bay order (still not there...sigh....)
and to pick up the paper along with my weekly bottle of Fresca

By the time I get home I've built up a sweat
Down the sunny dirt road and up the driveway
(note to self:  If  I ever move, make sure the driveway slopes down from the road
so that when I walk, I can return downhill)
Anyways, thought I'd sit at the table outside in the shade and read the paper and drink my Fresca
Now, this canvas backed chair is probably into its 3rd or 4th season
the last left of a set of four
and I knew better.
Really, I did.
But, the more sturdier chairs were scattered at various spots in the yard
And I was too hot to go and drag one over.
Last year, my son sat in one of these and fell through,
then did the same thing again the next day.
it was quite funny when it happened to him
But I was a victim of "It won't happen to me" syndrome.
I was onto the 3rd page of the paper
heard that canvas rip
and down into the chair I went
With a mighty "Oh shit"
Mighty enough for my Gerry to look out the window
"I'm gonna need help!" I called
What do you want me to do?" he asks
Which is not as inappropriate as it sounds,
as my husband had an "oh shit" of his own 5 weeks ago
And has had his leg bound up in a bright blue cast since then
In fact, we are a family of  "oh shits"
because my son is also sporting a bright blue cast,
but on his arm.
So, out he hobbles on his crutches
Thank god he's not into cameras because truth be told
had the situation been reversed the first thing I would have grabbed was my camera
"Just tip me sideways......gently"
Onto my side I thunked
I was wedged in there so tight that even as I lay on my side
It was not as easy to slide out as I thought
Particularly since I was laughing through the pain
And Monty thought it was the most interesting game to play
And Gerry stood there shaking his head
I did get out
brushed myself off
gathered my paper, the mail, and what remained of the Fresca and my dignity
and went inside to finish off safely on the couch.
The question remained though
That Gerry posed to me...
"What would you have done if I'd have been at work?"
I did have my cell phone in my pocket
Though that would be one heck of an embarrassing 911 call!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

On Autumn

photo credit here

Let's face one wants summer to end.  Ever.
The beginning of fall gets a bum rap at this time of year.
But once we've resigned ourselves to the fact that
the cool nights
the dewy grass
the foggy mornings
really are here, and that it was not just a blip in summer's radar screen
fall really is a magnificent time of year.
As I read in a magazine yesterday,
it's when the new year starts for many of us,
more so than on January 1.
The summer hiatus has come to an end.
Labour day long weeked marks the beginning
Back to school shopping is complete
Tuesday morning the school busses will rumble out of their garages. 
Summer whites and sandals are beginning to be packed up
Jeans and jackets are appearing
People wearing shorts suddenly begin to look a little out of place.
This year marks the first year since we moved here and I began my adult life in 1989
that we have no kids going to school
First my husband's two daughters
Then our own two sons
All have graduated now
No more early morning wake up calls,
Lunches to make in the hopes that they don't end up in the garbage
or worse, left in the backpack for the week
and homework struggles....I will NOT miss those!
We have one tree in our yard that always seems a little ahead of schedule
the first to show buds in the spring
and the first to yellow in the fall
the first to bare its branches in preparation for the snow.
The hummingbird feeder hangs deserted
Time to give it a wash and put it away
somewhere where I will be able to find it next spring.
Time to put away the sunscreen and mosquito spray
air out the hockey gear, get those skates sharpened and ready to go
Hopefully I can play again this year
That depends on a few things
The wood stove wakes up from its summer hibernation
the floor fans are put away.
Bare feet and toenail polish
are no longer the order of the day
and we can skip the leg shaves if we want.
Tan lines are beginning to fade.
Fall is beautiful here
I imagine it is in most places
And I am ready to embrace it
And give credit where credit is due.