Monday, August 26, 2013

What I learned yesterday....

First off, I didn't realize when planning this post that the last post I wrote was also about deer.
Oh well. 
So, what I learned yesterday, while looking out of my home office window, is that
1.  Deer lick their netherparts just like dogs and cats.
2.  This particular doe and her fawn and beginning to feel way too comfortable in my yard,
munching on whatever turns their fancy.
 3.  My dog, much as I love him, is sometimes a little lacking
 in the sniffing and smelling department.
What I wonder is......are deer tongues slick and slippery like a dog's
or rough and dry like a cat's?  If these deer get any more comfortable in my yard,
I may just be able to walk up to them and find out!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Calling all Deer

I've stumbled upon a deer call
Fortunately I could never kill a deer
What happened was a couple of weeks ago while walking along a path with Monty
I idly plucked a pick of grass
and whistled it between my thumbs.
Up the path out popped a deer's head around a bush
the most comical and humanlike look it its face
of "WTF??""
I laughed aloud.
Today, I idly did the same thing along our road
and heard a rustling in the bush
so did Monty
Luckily there was a fence between the deer and us
Because this deer had a different look altogether
She looked furious.
To set the scene this doe has been hanging out in our area a lot this summer
with her two little baby fawns.
Last week on a walk I came across a little fawn dead on the side of the road
not a pretty sight
poor little thing
I wondered at the time if it was one of the pair.
So today, this doe popped out of the bush on the other side of the fence
and rather than bounding back in at Monty's barking,
She glared and charged.
Monty barked back at her
She took a step back and then charged again.
I know she would have no problem clearing the fence
but I have a hunch she had a little fawn back there
the only one left.
and possibly thought the screech of the grass whistle was her missing baby.
I called Monty back
threw away the blade of grass
and scurried on my way, Monty in tow.
I won't be blowing on grass any time soon.
photo credits here and here