Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Little things mean a lot...

Feeling blessed to have my 20-year-old son at home still
Have had a hard time lately
keeping it together
spent a week in the hospital.

Yesterday he came home and disappeared outside immediately
I called him but he didn't answer so wasn't sure where he went off to.

Then he walked in with a handful of wildflowers for me and told me he loved me.
How many 20-year-olds still pick wildflowers for their mothers?

I am blessed indeed. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Down the hatch....

I visited the coast this weekend for my mom's 75th birthday
If she knew I was writing her age anywhere she'd be upset!

We spent the day in Vancouver,
taking the Skytrain to Canada Place
walking along the new portion of the seawall 
that now connects Canada Place to Stanley Park
Probably walked 15 km that day.

But this post is about this seagull
We watched him pluck a starfish from the barnacles
Fly with it to a dock 
and proceed to eat it. 

I expected him (or her) to tear it apart first
but nope.
He lifted his head and with some effort
swallowed it whole.  

It was fascinating to watch it literally make it's way down his gullet
Gave me the weebeegeebies to think of those arms and tentacles moving around inside.

Sushi anyone?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Texting and walking and macros.

Walking and shooting macro is hard, because your heart is beating faster. Walking and shooting macro while texting with someone is harder, and when that someone is making you angry, it's harder yet. Surprised these turned out I was shaking so bad.

Gonna try again

I have been finding that blogging has given way to facebooking.
Blogging is more artsy, more personal, and has introduced me to great people
But it takes more time.  
So easy to just post on facebook.

But blogging also offers the opportunity to have a permanent record in a diary form
Because you can print your blog pages, which I did once.
I have researched printing facebook posts in a book form, the one site I found was not very versatile in its choices.

So, when I make a facebook post, I am going to try to blog it as well.
I am going to try to resist spending an hour or more per day
visiting old friends.  I see most of you are still active and I miss you all.
Its' not because I don't want to, but because I don't want to end up deciding, yet again,
that blogging takes too much time.  Maybe I just need to prioritize again. 

So, if any comments are made, I appreciate them
and I am sure that I will visit you now and then
but I have to do this for me, and to create a record of me
and who I am, for myself and my children and maybe even my children's children.

Love, me