Thursday, January 13, 2011

Every day is a lesson in life, whether we want it or not!

"Good judgment is learning from your mistakes,
which are usually caused by bad judgment"

Sunday - When you see Christmas chocolates on sale for 50% off, don't buy a box to take to friday's card game night, because it won't last that long in your house, even if you hide it in your desk drawer.

Monday - When your child loses his coat in school and can't find it for weeks, remind him to check the gym.

Tuesday - when shovelling snow, if there's a sudden wind, stop shovelling and wait for it to NOT, under any circumstances, throw the shovel load into the wind.

Wednesday - You can't hang shelves with only two hands.

Thursday - When the overnight snowfall is 10 cm, and your teenager refuses to wear boots, don't even bother shovelling a path for him to the car while you are waiting for it to warm up, he doesn't care if he has wet feet for the rest of the day and doesn't care if you care that he has wet feet; he would rather you didn't care that he has wet feet.

Can't wait to see what I learn next!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Room With a View Please

There's something to be said for being happy with the place in which you live
Sometimes I think that if I ever won the lottery
(As my better half is positive we will one day)
I wouldn't want to move

I like my property
Its not ocean view
that would be kinda hard as the nearest ocean is a 6 hour drive from here
Its not even lakeview
although I live in an area where you can't drive for 15 minutes without seeing a lake
But its 10 acres and all ours
(at least it will be in 7 years when the bank is paid out)

Our street has four 10 acre parcels on it
2 belong to our neighbour - we can just see his lights through the trees at night
1 to us
and the last parcel is just forest
belonging to somebody who may one day build there

I even like our house
although its kinda small and is technically a mobile home
I suppose I'd consent to building a new house
But there are more memories here

I am satisfied
More than satisfied
I love my home
And there's a lot to be said for that.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Missed moments

As photographers
(and I use that term very loosely with respect to myself)
We do capture some great times

Sometimes though
We are just not prepared
And we miss moments that won't ever return

The other day my mom and my 16 year old
Were watching a hockey game
The Canucks just may make to the Cup this year
The possibility is there anyways

Anyhow, mom & Trevor are great Canuck fans
And were watching the game as I sat nearby reading or knitting
Or whatever I was doing - it doesn't matter

The Canucks scored a goal
First goal of the game
And my mom and my son yelled and jumped out of their seats halfway to the ceiling
(Keep in mind my mom is 70)

They turned and gave each other a high five

It was so special to see
We didn't even mention it later
It was just one of those things
That they will probably remember for the rest of their lives

The day grandma and I watched a hockey game
The day my grandson and I watched a hockey game

For that moment in time, 16 and 70 were united in a common love

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Narrow Escape

No matter how hard we try

We can't keep their wings clipped forever

Sooner or later they have to fly




Preferably later rather than sooner



My boy's friend , a girl friend but not a girlfriend

Is moving to Edmonton to live nearer to her dad

She didn't want to go alone

And so asked Jeremy to go with her


no no no no no no no no no

But you can't say no to an 18 year old

Because that automatically means yes


As far as I'm concerned, he's too young

He has a good job here

He's saving his money here

Edmonton is an 8 hour drive from here

He won't have anyone to snowboard or bike with

He will have to bus to work

It's darn cold there!!


The more reasons we give

The more determined he becomes


Then, plans changed

the moving date changed from the 28th to th 30th to the 3rd

I think he started having some doubts

but wouldn't give in


After much soul searching (I hope)

He decided to hold out a little longer


And I...

I can hold on a little longer


But I know I have to get rid of my clippers