Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Will the snow melt or is it here for good?
I wonder if Ralph will call me to play duplicate bridge tonight?
I sure hope my knee doesn't prevent me from playing hockey.
One date square left - have to save that for Gerry!
How will I get to town tomorrow?
Don't have to cook tonight, enough left over from last night's spicy mac & beef.
There's a town called Mermaid's Cove in Australia, wouldn't it be a magical place to live?
Only one month and 10 days till Christmas...will I have all my gifts made as planned in time?
(I really don't like Christmas time)
The power has been out for an hour and a half and now I have no more Thursday thoughts
A cup of tea would hit the spot right now
Anise tea.
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye

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Monday, November 12, 2012

When life gives you a box of sour mandarin oranges......

Make sweet mandarin orange jam!


At Ian's request, the recipe is:

8 mandarin oranges
1 kg white sugar
2 cups water

Clean outside of mandarins, peel, reserving skin of 4 of them.  Put it all through a food processor, place in large pan, add sugar and water.  Mixture should not be more than 5 cm (2 ") deep in pan. 

Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolved, increase heat slightly, boil gently, uncovered, for 50 - 55 minutes.  Check during last 10 mintues to ensure mixture is not burning at bottom of pan. 

After 50 minutes start testing to see if jam will gel on a cold saucer.  (place saucer in freezer for a few minutes, but remove pot from heat during testing).
When done remove foam from surface, pour into hot sterilized jars.

Process in hot water canner for 5 minutes (I did 10 minutes to compensate for our altitude of over 3000 feet).

Makes 5 of the little skinny jam jars.

This is supposed to be a jam, but because of the peel in it, it seems more like a sweet marmalade to me, but the recipe does say jam.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

One girl's opinion

With what seems like the whole world focused on the US presidential election for the last few weeks,
the topic of American football should fit right in.
Americans.   Love.   Football.   Period.
I get it.  Well, I don't get the love of football, but I do get a country's love of sport.
Canadians love hockey.
We do have some kids football teams in the big city, but we don't have near the emphasis on it that our south of the border friends do.  I mean having a high school stadium?? We're lucky if we have a couple of soccer goalposts in need of paint and a baseball backstop
 and bit of green grass showing on the brown.
And the parents, most of them, of the soccer, rugby and basketball players do turn out to watch a game.  Hockey is a little different, everyone likes to watch a good hockey game and when my son played in the Northern Winter Games in 2006, the arena was standing room only.
Anyhow, this isn't about high school football,
but about a 9-year-old girl playing on her big brother's football team, amongst older kids. 
She's good.
She's fast.
She's tough.
And as much as I agree that women can be involved in any sport
I'm just not sure about this one.
The article said she's 60 pounds and the heaviest kid is 150 pounds. 
That's a hell of a weight difference.
The problem, as I see it
Is not necesarily a girl playing on a guys team
We have girls mixed in the the guys in our house league hockey teams
and even the odd one on the rep teams.
I think that they miss out on the "locker room camaraderie"
But they love to play.
Therein lies the hitch
This little girl evidently loves football.
Nothing wrong with that.
But how far will she be able to go?
Do they have ladies football in the States?
For all I know, they do in which case this is a moot point.
But in a few years, she'll end up with no where to expend her energy and talent.
And that's the shame of it.
Sure, she may get hurt playing with the boys
Any contact sport can hurt people
But 9 and 10 year olds can still be quite similar
when it comes to holding their own and the quicker ones can outrun the heftier ones.
A slight boy would be the same situation as a 60 pound girl
for now.
In a few years, those boys and girls will be growing into teenagers
where will she be then?
She may still be one tough girl
and able to outrun most of the guys
And if she still plays
Good for her.
I am just unsure about this whole issue.
Maybe, if she has leadership qualities, she may want to start
a ladies football league.
Or maybe she'll lose interest
Anyhow, I just wanted to sort this one out through my head and onto (paper)
But I am still as undecided as I was before.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

just a reminder......

Did those of us who needed reminding to remember to not forget remember to change the clocks???   Or did we forget that we were reminded to remember?