Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ghosts of Halloweens past

Happy Halloween to all those who still have the kids, or the enthusiasm, to celebrate!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hands across the World

In my work as a "work from home medical transcriptionist"
(although we are now called "health documentation specialists" - more politically correct?")
I work for a transcription company in Australia.
This company has hundreds of transcriptionists all over the world,
separated into groups, or "families" depending on the facility we transcribe for.
My group is called "Powerful Paeds" as we transcribe for a children's hospital.
Anyway, through a wayward comment last week
someone mentioned where they live, someone else mentioned where they live,
and so on and so on.
I thought it would be neat to make a map and post everyone's locations
so I requested everyone to share their locations.
This is how it turned out.
Now, what I would like to do is add my blog friends to it,
maybe with pink strips of paper or something to differentiate y'all from my coworkers.
It's amazing how small the world has become.
I remember when I got my first computer and actually corresponded with someone from another country in a chat room.
It was so exciting
Now, its a way of life
I am reading a book right now where the main character in England writes a letter to someone in Australia, and mentions that by the time it gets there a month will have gone by
and the news will no longer be news, or even truth.
There are an awful lot of things that I think were better
"in the olden days"
But communication is not one of them.
 (picture credits here and here)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

I did not get sick
Hockey went great
We even won
We named our team the "Grey Goose" (don't ask!)
I wasn't stiff the day after but today my legs feel like I was riding a horse
At the beginning of the second period I thought I could easily lay down on the ice
 and die of exhaustion
I had some spectacular falls...thank God for all that padding
(and I don't only mean the gear)
and why can't I stop quickly enough without crashing into the boards anyways?

Looking forward to next time.
The turkey went off without a hitch
and now I have a fridge full of cold turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, carrots and brussel sprouts
Not to mention the apple pie that didn't get touched because everyone wanted the pumpkin pie
 I may have to eat those left overs and work doubly hard next week on the ice!!
(both of these pics are actually from last year, but you get the drift)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

No, no, no, no, no!

I cannot get sick right now
I will not get sick right now
Positive affirmations
My throat has had this nagging feeling
and my ears are begging me to insert a sharp instrument and scratch
I cannot get sick
I am alternating between drinking hot echinecia  echinacea tea with honey
sucking on Vitamin C tablets
and popping Halls
I cannot get sick.
I simply won't allow it.
Body, if at any time you were going to listen to me,
Listen to me now.
Hockey starts tomorrow night
and I need to cook a turkey dinner on Tuesday
I cannot, and will not, get sick!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harvest Gold

What images does the term "harvest gold" conjure? 
Most likely something like this:

Or this:
"The family that drinks together stays together??"
What were they thinking?
Anyways, the harvest gold that I have in mind
is much more pleasing to the senses:
Few can resist the Autumn.
This season with changes upon them.
Few can resist,
The picturesqueness...
Of the Autumn.

With the color of the leaves turning bright,
To their delight.
Red and yellow with orange in sight.
From Sunrise until twilight.

Few can resist the Autumn,
Autumn falls.
Few can resist the Autumn,
Autumn calls.
Few can resist the Autumn.
Hoping that Summer stalls.
Few can resist the Autumn.

Winter, Spring, Summer and again the Fall.
Few can resist,
The picturesqueness...
None at all.

modified from a verse by Lawrence S. Pertillar