Saturday, June 28, 2014

the more things change the more they stay the same

I walked by here this afternoon, sans camera, and thought what a beautiful picture this would make
I wasn't exactly sans camera, I did have my cell phone but it didn't do it justice.
unfortunately, neither did my camera camera, as you can see.  I did edit them with the "Orton" setting in Picmonkey so they are presentable, but not what I saw through the lenses of my eyes.
So I thought I'd change angles but try as I might, I could not get the focus onto the flowers, it kept going onto the logs behind.  There's a setting on my camera, called "ISO" that I think is supposed to take care of the problem, and let you pick the area you want to focus on, but it
When I look back to starting this blog five years ago, I had that problem then,
and now with a newer camera that was won as a prize, which I really don't like because I can't figure it out, I still have the same problem. 
This camera comes with a manual, 200 and some odd pages, on a CD.  What am I supposed to do, carry my laptop around with me whenever I want to take pictures so that I can access the manual?  I keep meaning to print it out but haven't gotten around to it.  Writing to the company (Sony) for a manual produced no results, they don't print them.
When I finally get my driver's license back in a few weeks, after two and a half years (don't ask) I am going to sign up for the next photography class/club that I can find, which may only happen a few times a year in my small town.  And if I still can't figure it out, that's it, I'm getting a new camera. 

Finally, a subject that never fails me, something I can count on to always be there for me...
my Monty dog.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Technology funny bones

My son changes his Facebook profile like he changes his socks
in his words "I just keep taking better pictures of myself."
We both got new phones last week
I requested the simplest phone I could get that takes good pictures.
They sold me the Sony Xperia M.
The reason we got new phones was that I hated my old one, which was finally paid off,
 I never liked it from day one
and Trevor lost his old one,
most likely he left it on his car as he drove off, as when he tried to phone it it was turned off,
a good indication that it was broken as he had a password on it where someone finding it
shouldn't be able to do anything to it. 
So his new one is the newest model of his old one,
 an HTC
Anyway, I asked him today if he ever installed that 'find my phone" app on his new one,
so while I was eating my breakfast, he was complaining about how
technologically complicated the app was. 
I suggested maybe the one installed on his (and my) phone would be easier. 
So after going through all the steps on the first one, he tried that one.
When he tried it out, the answer to where is my phone was:
"Your phone is in your hands."
I thought that was hilariously funny. 
Almost choked on my porridge and berries
Still chuckling over it. 
Just now he popped his head in my office and said
"Wait a minute, if I lost my phone, how would I ask my phone where it was?"
Good question. 
I suppose there's a technologically smart answer, like accessing it from your
computer or another phone or something.
I'm still laughing over "your phone is in your hands"