Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The real McCoy

I'm a dollar store fan
I could probably spend more in a dollar store than in a fine clothing store
Last week I saw these snowflake window clingons
And since I don't know what happened to the ones I had last year
I picked up a couple

Then the weatherman said that our unseasonably warm November was coming to an end

Arctic air was heading our way

Bringing snow and cold temperatures

I don't mind either, after all,

We were long overdue

The thermometer dropped steadily every day

Snow shovels, boots, mitts and toques were brought out

Cars and trucks were being plugged in over night




I didn't need those dollar store clingons


Jack Frost did my windows for me!!


  1. Wow! I'll take Jack Frost's version of clingons any day of the week. That's an amazing photo.

    donna, also a Dollar Store fan.

  2. Hey there you...wonderful to have you back...in our backyard.

    Love your new layout. Keep it up as long as you can but don't turn it into a chore.

    Looooovvvveee the iceream (hahahah) snowflower on your window...I can picture myself on your bench to look at it over a hot cuppa coco chatting away with you.
    Wonderful hugs my best friend.
    Liefs Dagmar

  3. Hallo
    Leuk je weer te zien in de blog wereld :-)
    Enne hoe is t in Canada
    ook al hartje winter !!!
    Hier hebben ze vandaag de eerste sneeuw voorspelt maar er is nog niks gevallen hihihihi....

    groetjes Kareltje & Anja

  4. Jack did one terrific job ... and so did you!

  5. Oh WOW! Jack is some artist! It's beautiful, Joyce.

  6. Oh, Joyce! That photo should be on your holiday cards! Truly -- you should order from Shutterfly or Vistaprint or take it to your favorite print shop! It's a stunner!

  7. What gorgeous frost!! Wow!
    So great perusing your site... your son is getting so big!
    Happy holidays,