Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harlem Crowns

A night on the town

At the expense of the P.S.O. boys basketball team
The Harlem Crowns
A downscaled version of the Harlem Globetrotters
This is my son warming up ....little does he know!!

These guys were absolutely hilarious

They had the girls laughing at the boys

The little kids laughing at those big teenagers

The parents laughing while trying to hold their cameras steady

The refs had to throw the rule book out

And the boys were able to laugh at themselves

After they got through with being embarrassed

If these guys come to your town

And you need a laugh

You've got to go

And if your kid thinks his team can beat them cause they can beat all the local schools

Tell him to think again!

because these guys will run circles around

Those big macho invincible

testosterone overloaded

High School Boys!


  1. Love the story and the photos Joyce ! I saw the Harlem Globetrotters many years ago and have never forgotten their magic and fun !

    Thanks for visiting my blog - I just had to come take a look at a cousin of Dagmar's blog ! A fellow Canuck - en spreek je ook een beetje nederlands ?

  2. great to see you are back blogging!

  3. Joyce, I forgot all about these guys. I remember seeing them as a child! That's so awesome that they're still at it entertaining children and adults alike!

  4. I, too, saw them as a child. Very entertaining.

  5. Undoing the wedgie??? The photo is hilarious. Gotta luv young people who are able to laugh at themselves. Good traing for the adult world. Looks/sounds like it was a fun evening, exactly the kind of night out that I'd enjoy.

    About my Black-Eyed Susan's....don't know where the name came from. The black eye part is easy, but just who is this Susan person???

    I finally figured out that your header photo is composed of people. How cool.


  6. joyce - thanks for asking. and sure, you can use the photo :)

  7. Holy smack...shit how Trevor did I've lost two damn years. Can't beat and win from him anymore can I? And his friends even look bigger....amazing how time flies.

    Jesse still plays too and is a top player in his team...loves it. Do send out some of the shirts will you they are much cheaper at your place. Mail you about it soon.
    Tell him I said hi and love to have a tickle game next may with him...I'LL WINN!
    Hugs me.