Saturday, February 18, 2012

OMG - It's the Clean Machine!

 A couple of times a year
I go against the grain of who I am
and go on a cleaning frenzy,
shocking those around me.

Not just the weekly vaccum and floor wash,
or the biweekly dusting, if we're lucky

but an all out cleaning frenzy.

I never know when its going to come on
there are no identified triggers that I can avoid
it usually just starts with an innocent round with my Bissel Upright vaccum
or a casual sweep of the kitchen.

Today, it was the living room that fell victim.

I did get the bedrooms vacuumed
and the kitchen floor washed
but the living room bore the brunt of the action.
Somewhere between cleaning the glass topped coffee table
and wondering if this Turtle Wax Upholstery Cleaner really works,
I fell victim.

I put on some music
in this case, it was an old Billy Joel cassette that I taped from an old employer's CD
back in the days when CD's were fairly new
and blank cassettes were still the preferred method of recording favourite tunes

I gave my husband and my dog fair warning of what was going to happen....
Music that they probably wouldn't care for,
Sung along with and probably overpowered
by me...I am told I can't sing very well, but I beg to differ!

So, while belting out tunes about piano men, up town girls, innocent men and New York states of minds,
I spritzed, sprayed and wiped my way around the room,
cleaning the nooks and crannies and feeling like I accomplished something good.

I even stood on a chair to wipe some spots off of the ceiling that looked like someone threw half of a cup of cofee up at it - they've been there a while!  There's also a couple of spots that came one Christmas morning when my son threw silly puddy up to see if it would stick.  It did.

If I'm lucky, the tidiness will last a day.

Maybe when the snow melts and spring is finally here,
I'll feel like doing it again!



  1. I had to laugh-out-loud while reading your post today. I have been actually dreaming about the deep clean...but can't bring myself to put forth the effort. A job well done, ma'am!

  2. Welcome back! I went to the basement for a few hours yesterday -- and boy, I'm not even to the deep clean part yet -- still on the sort, toss, consider, put away mode. I think if Rick read this post, I'd be hearing about it for weeks!

  3. hi are still a no-reply blogger :( so i'll answer your question here. very often i ask if i can take their photo. sometimes we are at a gathering like a mardi gras concert where i'm taking photos right and left and everyone sees me and knows if they are being photographed.
    every now and then, i find someone and i'm not in the position to ask, so i don't...but almost always, they know they are being photographed or the parents know i'm photographing their children. often they get one of my business cards, too :)
    it 's only scary the first time to ask...but after that, they always take it as a compliment and it had become second nature to me....beth

  4. I wish you could come and go on a cleaning frenzy at my house. I'd follow it up with cookies, I promise.