Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome??

Said Mrs Bird to Mr Bird while sharing a meal one chilly March day
"I've had enough of this already
Let's get away.

Let's go south like our friends the Robins
They've got their heads screwed on right,
We were the wrong ones."

Mr Bird thought long and hard
"You know, you may have something dear
maybe we should leave this yard.

This winter's been a cold one, that's one thing that's sure
I'd like to take off for a while
We'll go see a travel agent
And pick up a brochure."

"But what about our nest?"
The Mrs cried out
And she suddenly became quite distressed.

"We can't just leave it to the forces that be
We can't abandon it,
High up in the tree!"

"Well now that's a fact"
the Mr agreed
Wait just a minute, I have an idea."

As the Mrs watched, her amazement grew
For Mr Bird pushed the nest from the tree
and into a snowbank it flew.

"I know the human that walks her dog here
Three times a day
she'll see the nest
She'll know what to do.

She'll bring it home
And keep it safe for us too
And we can bid old man winter
A hearty adieu!

When we come back in the spring,
It'll be waiting for us,
We won't miss a thing!"

So the Mr and Mrs flew away to the south
And the human kept the nest safe
For that's what friendship's  about.


  1. Oh, Joyce....that was a sweet post. Mr. Bird knew you were a human that could be counted on to do the right thing. The "old bird" that I live with has started making noise about us spending a big chunk of future winters in a warmer climate. Doesn't really appeal to me. We'll see what happens.

    1. Thanks Donna......I can't seem to get any recent posts on your blog, the latest I can get is from Feb???

  2. What a fun poem and photos. They'll be back for sure!

  3. I haven't checked in a while and than I find this pretty, whimsical post. Thanks for smile Joyce.

  4. How fun is this post?! I'm trying to play catch-up and want to thank you for stopping by. And to my delight I find a fabulous little tale from some of my favorite guests. Thank you:)

  5. VERY creative, Joyce, and wonderfully illustrated with great photos !