Saturday, August 11, 2012

on 1st cars and Jean Chretien

Some of us have a facial anomoly that only appears in photos caught at the right moment.
With me, there are some pictures where I look like I have a lazy eye,
Ever since I was fairly small
Even though in reality I don't

This used to be our prime minister, Jean Chretien.
Just for background history
He had a stroke that affected half his face.
Why am I telling you this?

This is my son when he was maybe 10 or so
It's the first time we noticed it,
but it has come up again in various images
His "Jean Chretien Grin"

Even one of his grad pictures shows it

I have posted pictures of him on here before,
and normally his face is balanced the way it should be

This post was originally supposed to be about a difficult teenager
and how in even this sullen, usually miserable kid
Sometimes that joyous, face-lighting smile that we know is in there somewhere
comes out like a flash of sun from behind the thunderclouds
There, and gone again.

He finally got his first car...
A 2002 Dodge Neon
Nice-looking car.

Well, when he came driving home
The light was shining in his face
He left again right away
Practicing learning how to drive a standard

(Oh the memories of that!!!
I still remember stopped at a stop sign on a steep hill
with a car behind me...I bet there's still rubber on that road!)

So I grabbed my camera and hoped for an instant replay.
I thought I got it.

But when I opened up the picture on my computer
There was Jean Chretien looking back at me, through Trevor's eyes.


  1. Holyguacamoly.....HE'S GOT HIS FIRST CAR!!!!
    S..t! Tell me this isn't happening. Gosh time flies waaaayyy to fast gal. Tell him not to take me along in it if he don't want coffee stains al over it....Yep it was the O turn that did it for me.....still lol and falling on my knees holding my belly when I think back of those days. WHAT FUN WE HAD.

    Oh and tell Trev that no matter what grin he has on his face....I still love him to bits and he's soooo handsome.
    Hugs for now from me to you.

  2. What a handsome young man, even with that grin.

  3. Oh, the first own car, that's something to be happy about!