Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Picture if you will.......

It's been a gorgeous September, around 25C every day
warm enough for shorts and even tanktops
Today is Wednesday, half day of work for me
and newspaper day in our small town
So, after work, I take Monty and make the 45 minute walk to the mailbox and the store and back
looking for my e-bay order (still not there...sigh....)
and to pick up the paper along with my weekly bottle of Fresca

By the time I get home I've built up a sweat
Down the sunny dirt road and up the driveway
(note to self:  If  I ever move, make sure the driveway slopes down from the road
so that when I walk, I can return downhill)
Anyways, thought I'd sit at the table outside in the shade and read the paper and drink my Fresca
Now, this canvas backed chair is probably into its 3rd or 4th season
the last left of a set of four
and I knew better.
Really, I did.
But, the more sturdier chairs were scattered at various spots in the yard
And I was too hot to go and drag one over.
Last year, my son sat in one of these and fell through,
then did the same thing again the next day.
it was quite funny when it happened to him
But I was a victim of "It won't happen to me" syndrome.
I was onto the 3rd page of the paper
heard that canvas rip
and down into the chair I went
With a mighty "Oh shit"
Mighty enough for my Gerry to look out the window
"I'm gonna need help!" I called
What do you want me to do?" he asks
Which is not as inappropriate as it sounds,
as my husband had an "oh shit" of his own 5 weeks ago
And has had his leg bound up in a bright blue cast since then
In fact, we are a family of  "oh shits"
because my son is also sporting a bright blue cast,
but on his arm.
So, out he hobbles on his crutches
Thank god he's not into cameras because truth be told
had the situation been reversed the first thing I would have grabbed was my camera
"Just tip me sideways......gently"
Onto my side I thunked
I was wedged in there so tight that even as I lay on my side
It was not as easy to slide out as I thought
Particularly since I was laughing through the pain
And Monty thought it was the most interesting game to play
And Gerry stood there shaking his head
I did get out
brushed myself off
gathered my paper, the mail, and what remained of the Fresca and my dignity
and went inside to finish off safely on the couch.
The question remained though
That Gerry posed to me...
"What would you have done if I'd have been at work?"
I did have my cell phone in my pocket
Though that would be one heck of an embarrassing 911 call!!


  1. Joyce I'm sitting her laughing... this would have been one heck of an interesting 911 call. "I'm stuck in my chair and can't get out, please send someone as quickly as possible!"

    The things which happen in life sure keep it interesting!

    Hats off to you for strolling to the store, that's quite the hike and I'm sure your heart thanks you for the exercise, not the scare though!

    Have a great sunny rest of the week and I hope you find a safer chair to enjoy your paper in next week!


  2. ...................still shaking from lauging my dear. Did put me right back in the spot at the fall were you tipped over trying to have a zip of the fresh water....okay okay I fell in too with one legg and got soaked.
    GOSH WHAT A LAUGH WE DID HAVE BACK THEN. And still I'm having one right now, needed it badly so yeahaaa for starting my day like this.
    And CASTS. Gosh what did you all do try to murder eachother? I seriously need to come over asap and check you guys out. really!

    ps yea I long for a nice letter, it's been ages (oeps geld ook voor mij lieve schat) X. Dagmar

  3. You make me smile once it's clear that you were okay. Not quite sure this is the proper way to "end" summer however.

  4. Oh, my! It's funny when it happens to someone else, isn't it? But when it happened to me last summer sitting in a canvas director's chair on the porch at the lake (fortunately, in some ways, alone), I had one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up" moments. Or one of those "I'm stuck with my butt on the floor in a chair with metal legs and I don't know how to get it over my head to get out."

    But I did get out. Eventually! Glad you did, too!

  5. Ha ha ha ... ho ho ho !! ;>)

    Glad to read you were able to dust off your dignity and finish the paper ! Too bad though that Gerry doesn't subscribe to 'ABC' - the photo(s) would have saved you a lot of words ;>)

    Reminds me of my wife going through THREE chairs a number of years ago. In her defense, though, she was pregnant with almost-due twins at the time (good thing she doesn't read blog posts).

    Love that top shot.

    1. LOL, you're right Rick, good thing she doesn't read blog posts!

  6. You have me snorting with laughter just now. Snorting!

  7. This gave me a good laugh and I know that my mother once told me that she did something like that when she was in her last month of must have been with my sister as she's the only one who are born in the summer.

  8. Thank you for the afternoon smile! This is so funny!