Monday, November 12, 2012

When life gives you a box of sour mandarin oranges......

Make sweet mandarin orange jam!


At Ian's request, the recipe is:

8 mandarin oranges
1 kg white sugar
2 cups water

Clean outside of mandarins, peel, reserving skin of 4 of them.  Put it all through a food processor, place in large pan, add sugar and water.  Mixture should not be more than 5 cm (2 ") deep in pan. 

Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolved, increase heat slightly, boil gently, uncovered, for 50 - 55 minutes.  Check during last 10 mintues to ensure mixture is not burning at bottom of pan. 

After 50 minutes start testing to see if jam will gel on a cold saucer.  (place saucer in freezer for a few minutes, but remove pot from heat during testing).
When done remove foam from surface, pour into hot sterilized jars.

Process in hot water canner for 5 minutes (I did 10 minutes to compensate for our altitude of over 3000 feet).

Makes 5 of the little skinny jam jars.

This is supposed to be a jam, but because of the peel in it, it seems more like a sweet marmalade to me, but the recipe does say jam.


  1. You going to keep us hanging with pictures and no recipe????

  2. Thank you for coming to my blog a while back. I am way behind reading blogs and am slowly catching up – there was illness in the family then we went on a trip for almost a month. I see you like hockey. When I came over to the US from France I spent a month in Montana and went to some hockey games – I was fascinated. Your jam looks good but we had so many figs this year that I made about 40 jars, and I had already made some blueberry and cherry so we have too much now and since I am retired I don’t have many people to give the jam to.

  3. Looks like a simple enough recipe. 't is the season for mandarins so maybe we'll give this a shot.

  4. Yummy - yes! I'll have to try this.

  5. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I bet I could make this using clementines -- they're pretty close to mandarins. Sounds wonderful!