Monday, August 26, 2013

What I learned yesterday....

First off, I didn't realize when planning this post that the last post I wrote was also about deer.
Oh well. 
So, what I learned yesterday, while looking out of my home office window, is that
1.  Deer lick their netherparts just like dogs and cats.
2.  This particular doe and her fawn and beginning to feel way too comfortable in my yard,
munching on whatever turns their fancy.
 3.  My dog, much as I love him, is sometimes a little lacking
 in the sniffing and smelling department.
What I wonder is......are deer tongues slick and slippery like a dog's
or rough and dry like a cat's?  If these deer get any more comfortable in my yard,
I may just be able to walk up to them and find out!


  1. They are slick and slippery. By the way, you may live in the best back yard going, but the best front yard is Alberta (cheaper too) :-}}

  2. Ha ha - nature lessons in your own back yard - who'da thought !

    btw - that place on my last post is Moraine Lake - about 15km from Lake Louise and in my mind at least tied with LL for most scenic.

  3. Honestly, I have never seen the like of it! Never. I had about 20 that used to pass through my yard when I lived out in the country, but stay there like that? never seen the like of it before. Oh, and licking picture?! Priceless.

  4. i'm calling YOU the deer whisperer :)

  5. I have never, never seen this in all my deer watching days. Great shots!

  6. Deer are gorgeous. Tell us (and show us) more.