Sunday, November 10, 2013

Silent is the Night

No I did not take this picture
my camera, almost brand new, is about to be sent off for repairs
apparently not able to withstand Monty bonking his head on it
And I'm not sure I could shoot in the dark anyways

but, in any case

taking Monty out before bedtime tonight
all is silent, all is bright
standing in the middle of a highway, albeit a small two-laner
not hearing a sound
i mean, utter silence
 no cars, no dogs barking, none of the summer night sounds of crickets or frogs
the only sound, if I listen real close, is the drum-like beat of my blood pulsing
through my temple

a car draws near on this silent sunday night
its sound muffled by the snow
by the time I hear it, whoosh, it's gone into the silence
and i hear nothing again

the sky above is starless and cloudy
yet enough light reflects from the clouds to the snow and back again
so that I do not need my flashlight

I am blessed indeed to live where i do
to be able to hear the silence
and appreciate its song


  1. Ohhh wished I could have been there with you.....have a nice cuppa in our hands.....enjoy the silence together and that O turn all over again right there in the snow.......Yeeeehaaaaaa. You just brought me the nicest smile on my face to start off my day.
    Hugs babe and I love you to the stars and back again.

  2. Nice photograph. Thank you for sharing it.