Sunday, May 4, 2014

prayer call

This is my grandson, to be named Kayden, at 16 weeks gestation.
He is now 26 weeks gestation and not doing well.
His mother has a heart condition and he has inherited it as well
and is not growing and has a slow heart beat.
The outlook is not positive.
For me to pray would be hypocritical but
I am being desperate and asking for prayers
in the possibility that they may do some good, not wanting to rule anything out.
All I want is what's best for my son. 
This baby was unplanned for but his parents decided to live with
the huge change this would bring to their young lives
and do their best for this child.
I don't know what's best for any of them,
my son, his girlfriend or the baby
but what I want most is what's best for my son, whatever that may be.
He's the one I love and my heart aches for him.
I wish he was here but he's not, living in another province.
Jeremy, I love you.


  1. sending you hugs and prayers

  2. You have my deepest thoughts that the best will happen.

  3. You have my prayers, my "good vibrations" and positive thoughts. You must have so many feelings right now. Keep hope as one of them.

  4. Been praying for all of them.