Saturday, June 28, 2014

the more things change the more they stay the same

I walked by here this afternoon, sans camera, and thought what a beautiful picture this would make
I wasn't exactly sans camera, I did have my cell phone but it didn't do it justice.
unfortunately, neither did my camera camera, as you can see.  I did edit them with the "Orton" setting in Picmonkey so they are presentable, but not what I saw through the lenses of my eyes.
So I thought I'd change angles but try as I might, I could not get the focus onto the flowers, it kept going onto the logs behind.  There's a setting on my camera, called "ISO" that I think is supposed to take care of the problem, and let you pick the area you want to focus on, but it
When I look back to starting this blog five years ago, I had that problem then,
and now with a newer camera that was won as a prize, which I really don't like because I can't figure it out, I still have the same problem. 
This camera comes with a manual, 200 and some odd pages, on a CD.  What am I supposed to do, carry my laptop around with me whenever I want to take pictures so that I can access the manual?  I keep meaning to print it out but haven't gotten around to it.  Writing to the company (Sony) for a manual produced no results, they don't print them.
When I finally get my driver's license back in a few weeks, after two and a half years (don't ask) I am going to sign up for the next photography class/club that I can find, which may only happen a few times a year in my small town.  And if I still can't figure it out, that's it, I'm getting a new camera. 

Finally, a subject that never fails me, something I can count on to always be there for me...
my Monty dog.


  1. You might want to selectively check out a few topics in that 200+ page manual e.g. under focus - there are several ways to tell the camera where to focus (check out 'spot focus' or something like that in the manual). When you've set that, you get to focus on what you want (flower) instead of the camera doing the focusing (logs).

    As for capturing lightning, you'll need a tripod, and instead of a fast trigger finger (that'll never work 'cause lightning's too fast) you need to use a long shutter speed (see 'bulb setting' in that manual).

    A couple of photography classes will get rid of a lot of the frustration and before you know it, you'll be shooting 'raw' in manual mode ;>)

    Great shot of Monty!

  2. Iso won't heĺp you just yet but yoù are looking for a wider depth of field. You can look that up on the Internet. I think I could plaý a little with your photo using PhotoShop. It is a good picture. Lisa G.

  3. Sometimes my cell phone takes better pictures than my camera--though my camera is nothing to write home about! I LOVE red flowers! They just make me happy.

  4. Sounds like you are getting some good tips. I find red is a difficult color to begin with.

    1. I didn't know that the different colours make a difference.

  5. Rick and Lisa.....going to check those things out...thanks.

  6. Joyce - you have some good suggestions here, and comments. Yes, color makes a difference because the camera is reading the amount of light on each object and some objects are darker, lighter, reflect light, absorb light, etc. I find when I get a new camera I take a bunch of test shots with different settings to see what I get and keep the results in a little notebook. Which I can never find when I want it:).'s all about practice, that's for sure. Workshops and other instructional classes are good, as well. I am taking an online class through the Picture Perfect School of Photography in August (check out their website). I have taken a couple and always get something out of them. But there are lots of free helps online, as well.

  7. I totally forgot one of the reasons I stopped by! On the topic of writing our stories, which we talked about on my own blog, just dive in. They can be snippets, anecdotes, bullet lists....and photos. Always photos. The older i get the more I really want to start this project. I need to stop talking about it!

    I love your puppy picture. The colors of the flowers make his tan color just glow!

  8. I think they are all wonderful but my favorite is Monty! Cameras can be tough and I have settings I have no idea how to use! Good for you taking a class -- I should do that, too! I'm just glad you are posting and sharing because I do love to visit!