Wednesday, October 7, 2015

In his words....

So after 10 years my son Trevor (now 21) has decided 
to take up the goalie gear again.

Unfortunately he seems to be having a problem finding a team
Small town living doesn't provide a lot of opportunities
But for now he can at least play drop-in.

He's a little worried because he hasn't done it since 
he was PeeWee age,
when, admittedly, he was awesome.
He quit because of his attitude at the time
Long story that is...
but now, when he sees his old coach 
watching a local Junior A team 
His coach says, "you could have been there too"
And Trevor says "I know, I wish I hadn't have quit".
Carey Price, goalie for Montreal, is his hero
because he's from a small town an hour north of here
and made it to big-time NHL.
"That could have been me" he says.
If nothing else, he learned a lesson about quitting with all that.

Anyways, as I said, he's a little nervous
So I suggested that he go to what is called "stick'n'puck"
Kind of a free for all where there are pucks for everyone 
and you just practice on your own.

He gave me a horrified look and said, in all earnestness
"But then people will shoot on me!"

Um, news flash Trevor, that's what happens when you're a goalie.

Or had you forgotten that part?


  1. Ah youth -- even when they're older, they're still youth! How quickly we forget!

    1. Truer words were never said. And he will always be my youth.

  2. My son was also a goalie when he was young and every match was so nervous to watch. So when my youngest daughter also wanted to be like her big brother I tried to tell her that it's a very tough position as she's playing in a boy team. After a while she left the goal and became a defense player, but It wasn't to save my nerves.

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