Thursday, April 9, 2009

These are my babies, Blue, Possum and Dusty. Blue likes to be around people but will not allow himself to sit on our laps, Dusty just wants to please me, just like a dog, and Possum acts snobby, is moody, but loves to cuddle up, especially on the kids pillows while they're sleeping. Blue will sit up on a chair and attack Possum's tail when he walks by, they do not like each other but they usually tolerate each other. Until Possum has enough and turns on him. And cats are most definitely not colour-blind, because Blue will always find a black area to lie on, usually the kids' backpacks, sometimes the computer chairs, in order to camolflouge (did I spell that right??)himself.
Any why, oh why, can I not get my text next to my pictures instead of over top of them ???? :o

1 comment:

  1. Hi You, Love the dog in the snow. You know I don't have much with cats. But I love the fact Blue want's to be camouflaged into black things. If you want your text to be different you have to change your layouts from the blog. Good luck trying.