Sunday, April 12, 2009

I can't get the hang of arranging these pictures properly, have to keep trying I guess. The last two days have been beautiful, spring in the air type of days. Days where you want to be outside even though you can't do much because there's still snow over the gardens and most of the yard. But, Trevor made a path to the trampoline where he and a friend bounced and talked their guy talk. They also climb up on the roof where there's no snow and sit and talk, or shoot pellets at trees. And there's always the garage, with the ping-pong table.....Gerry was at work so the kids and I played, and played, and laughed, and played some more. Trevor was the victorious one. I still didn't want to go in, even after taking Dusty for a walk, so I gathered my cross-stitch work and sat, in the lawn chair, on a small patch of grass with snow all around.


  1. The weather is defenitely starting to change and warm up considerably!!!Summer in the Cariboo is GREAT! and I am patiently waiting for its return after the long and harsh winter...I love to be outdoors as well and am looking out my window at all the trees that came down after the winter storms...once we get some nice weather...I will be out there working and catching some rays as well..and this year defenitely doing some riding...I can picture you sitting in your chair Joyce..doing your cross stitch...I caught you off guard the other day when I was flagging you over to the truck..didnt I??? You looked as though you didnt know if you wanted to come close or not..heh heh heh...this is a good thing here...that your starting to you later...

  2. LOVE this picture. I've got the exact same one but then taken in late spring last year I was around. It so funny you still having lots (that is to me, lots) of snow. I sat outside two days ago in my bikini (for real). Keep up the work at your blog. Some times it's hard to figure things out, but I'll get there eventualy, you're smart enough.. .;-) Love yea big times.
    Hugs ME.