Monday, December 14, 2009

The magic number

Most of us don't like the cold
Not the kind that makes your nostrils stick together,
The kind that makes it impossible to take a big breath
The kind that freezes your water pipes if you forget to plug the heating tape in
Makes your car impossible to start if you forget to plug the block heater in
and forms ice on the insides of your windows.

But there is a select group of the human race
(okay, that part is debatebable)
who pray at night, if its going to be cold anyways,
dear god, please let it be -32C.

For -32C is that magic number that all kids look forward to
They peer out the window every 20 minutes all evening
Excited at every drop in the temperature
Even the teenagers
More excited than the on night before christmas

Kids who live in less wintery parts of the country
Sometimes get "snow days"
A day off school because the inch of snow that fell overnight
Has completely snarled the traffic

We don't get snow days.
We are prepared and accustomed to it
We prefer driving in the snow
Because it fills up the potholes in the road

But we do get "cold days"
When the mercury drops below that magic number - -32C
The powers that be have decided that is the point
To call it off

today is a cold day!


  1. Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! That's cold all right! You must be tough cookies. Me, not so much.

  2. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for -32C!

    I'm with you on wishing for free days for everyone to stay home - though for us it is usually just the threat of snow!

  3. I was just thinking the same thing as I hit wide open pot hole...and snow any day is better than ice....

    our high tomorrow....a big whoppin 7 !!!!!!

  4. minus 32C??? brrr!
    my themometer currently reads plus 32C!

  5. You make me smile - I love the comic. So bizarre you are so cold - we are in the midst of another heat wave, 36 degrees today and 39 tomorrow. I went for a swim tonight it was so hot.

  6. I cannot even imagine that kind of cold...

  7. Yeeehaaa wholy shit that's cold...sorry folks for the S-word. Okay we do long for snow but freezing my butt of like that NO THANKS.

    And the boys had a laugh over the cartoon.

  8. Just had to tell you - love the 'cowardly lion' comment. btw - LOVE the cartoon!