Monday, December 21, 2009

Thankful in the Dark

"The moon was abreast on the new-fallen snow
Gave a lustre of midday to objects below"

Those two lines of "The Night Before Christmas"
Often run through my head

I never gave them much meaning,
Just a part of another Christmas Story
Memorized by children before they can read it

But lately, I have been thinking of how apt they really are
As I walk through the night in the new-fallen snow

When there's a full moon, there really is a luster of daylight
To objects below

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?
(No, not a miniture sleigh and eight tiny reindeer)

But a really big moose, with no reasons for fear!

I stopped in my tracks
To my dog gave a whistle
And away the moose bolted
Like the down of a thistle

I continue onward,
Monty now securely on his leash
As the moose may not feel like playing
with an exhuberant full-grown but puppy-minded dog

And as I head home
I give thanks that I live in a part of the world
Where one can walk at night
Guided only by the moonlight or starlight

Sure of the ground beneath my feet
With no fears of muggers or rapists or serial killers
The only thing I have to be aware of
is making sure I don't startle those moose!

This is a terribly fragmented post
But I don't apologize
Its how it came out of my mind
and how it stayed.

None of these are my photos,
I don't usually bring my camera at night
One of these nights I should,
But I don't have the photographic skills
to do the beauty justice.
credits here and here and here


  1. It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your world!

  2. Oh man how I would have love to go outdoors with you at night....Yeehaaa. Fun. And do take your camera and play around with it it's the only way of learning.

    Love you and many many thanks for your help with my new business name. And I won't use Joyce in it I'll promise...;-)))))

  3. i agree with dagmar. play with your camera. its the only way to learn.

  4. I would give a lifetime to be there with you on this walk. Absolutely divine!

  5. Aww love images of reindeers. Merry Christmas to you and to yours xo I have enjoyed your blogs and your comments on mine this year. Stay safe xo

  6. I am so very far behind and reliaze how much I have missed visiting your very COLD and beautiful part of the world (not to mention the catpost below this, which made me smile!). This is beautiful. If your moon on the snow looks anything close to this photo, it is truly a winter wonderland.