Friday, February 12, 2010


(No, I don't like this layout, I'll have to mess around with it when I have time)

There's got to be some parable about people following each other blindly to their deaths
Like lemmings over the cliffs
I' just to lazy to go searching for one
I did just spend more than 1/2 an hour
Looking for pictures to accompany this post
Without any luck.
People must be so crazy over it all,
They haven't had time to upload their pictures
So you'll have to listen to my rant & rave without them
Except for this one:

I'm sure the world knows
that the Olmpics are being held in Vancouver this year
My home province
I wouldn't go anywhere near the place
Even if I was paid big money to do so.

I have nothing against the Olympics per se,
Nothing against a celebration & competition of amateurs at sports
Nor am I unpatriotic
I am proud to be Canadian
And wouldn't have it any other way

What I am against is the gross commercialism
The gross misrepresentation of government over the last 10 years
Of how much money was to be spent
The schools that are being closed all over the province,
Because of budget cuts
The rural areas that "don't count anyways"
6 years olds having to spend 2 hours each day in the school bus

The cuts in medical care
Women in labour having to travel over 120 km.,
To deliver a normal, no risk baby
Because our hospital cannot afford to emply an anesthesiologist

The Vancouver Public Library
having to put masking tape
over all the labels of the electronic equipment they own
which is not manufactured by Panasonic
Because Panasonic is an Olympic sponsor

People being asked to refrain from wearing any clothing or drinking any beverage in public
That bears the logo of any competitor
To any Olympic sponsors
Those are just to name a few
I simply cannot grasp the mindset
Of the thousands of people celebrating right now
Downown Vancouver,
Only a block away from Canada'a poorest district
Filled with homeless, forgotten, drug addicted human beings
That everyone tries to sweep under the rug.
Have they all been brainwashed?
A lot of the people I speak with
Feel the same way I do
So it was surprising to hear of the large turnout
As the torch passed through my hometown.

I've never been one to involve myself in protest rallies
But I am so utterly and vehmently opposed to this
That if I lived in the Vancouver area,
I would protest with all my might.

Consider this my protest.

Viva La Canada!


  1. Hi there you. Great post, I'm just as I write this watching the opening and it's great. But I do hear you. I also hate the fact that other things will just be put onther the rug...I feel so sorry for all the other things and people who have to suffer for all this glitter and glamour. So I'm in the battle here with you sweet cousin.

    Oh and yes yes yes I still do love to come over and spend my old days in Canada...It has my heart as you know. But in our country no one is prepaired for weather like this. Jesse still is riding his bike to school witch takes him over 1,5 hours now. just an example..and I feel sorry for all the kids. etc etc. And maybe I'm just envy your prespring. :-)

    Love your new layout. Just one thing the black letters I can't read all the time because it walks kind of out of the middle part. Maybe you can adjust it a bit.

    But it looks dreamly.
    Hugs my love miss you lots. Dagmar

  2. Sure gives a different spin on things. I do love the Olympics, but forget the "other" story. The one they don't always tell. Great post!

  3. I hear you and always wondered the same thing....great new look to your blog!

  4. joyce you voice such valid matters here.

    i know this all too well with sa hosting the world cup soccer later this year.

    it is mad and twisted mentality that takes over and yes, what about those in true need? teh forgotten and helpless.

  5. What? It looks like my long, wordy comment disappeared.

    Oh, well.....maybe it'll show up later.

    Enjoyed this post, Joyce.


  6. Joyce, this is a wonderful alternative view to all we see on TV. I have to say, I love the Olympics, the sport, the commitment, the fun of watching. But really -- labels over books? Not carrying around your preferred soda? And all the money not being used to support the real needs of the community. You truly bring a new dimension of thought to this topic. This is beautifully written. Beautifully. Bravo.

  7. but what if all the money being brought into the area during the olympics ends up helping with the homeless and poor distracts in the long run ?

    and what if the olympics weren't there ? those issues still would be....

    and as far as sponsors go....that's how and where the money is made, isn't it ?

    and isn't this the case every place, every time the olympics are held ?

    sorry, I just felt the need to play devils advocate tonight with questions that I don't really know the answers to, but wanted to at least throw out there.

    my hubby works for the usoc, but doesn't know much about canada....maybe I should ask him :)

  8. Yes it is good to look at the other side. There has not been very much advertising of it here. I love the simplicity of your new blog - I enjoyed the visit very much.

  9. I enjoy the Olympcs and watching all the young folk compete. I agree that things are not right in Canada in 2010, but would encourage peaceful, respectful protesting only. The Olympics will certainly highlight some of the downsides of Vancouver. I remember well my days in engineering on Burrard, granville and the like. I see that nothing has changed! I've also met quite a few very good folks that are now down and out mainly due to bad choices that they have made. Get involved in Soup kitchens, Shelters and most of all, in politics. Vote those folks out that have the hardened hearts, are lacking in compassion, and are generally in it for the guaranteed-for- life- very huge pensions!

    Great post!

  10. Thought provoking post, Joyce. Definitely made me see a new perspective!