Friday, February 19, 2010

Show & Tell

Some of you that follow my blog
Also follow my cousin Dagmar's
She commented on mine the other day
Remembering when we were kids
I was looking through my pictures,
I wanted to find something to crete a new header with
Also a new avatar.
I came upon this:

Dagmar & I and the rest of our cousins on that side of the family.
Can you pick us out?
(Hint...we're the oldest
Well, except for the one in the red T-Shirt - our Aunt Tonny,
who passed away a few months ago.)
This was probably one of the only times we were all together,
As they all live in Holland,
And my brother & I grew up in Ontario.
We were on a holiday in Holland
And it was my 9th birthday
I was so incredibly shy
With all these cousins, who grew up blocks away from each other
I hardly knew them,
couldn't talk to them very well.

As we got older, they learned english & I learned dutch
And communication became a little easier
I remember another time in Holland...I was 14,
we were in a deli, & I got up the nerve to ask, in dutch, for a "vlees-kroket"
(A yummy dutch meaty deep-fried thing [who's spelling I probably butchered]that I never get enough of and if you could send frozen meat products in the mail Dagmar would be mailing me every month)
And they laughed at me.
All in good fun, but I was mortified.
It took a long time before I dared to do that again!
But in this picture, Dagmar & I are obviously sharing some kind of joke..
Don't ask me what it was...
Maybe Dagmar remembers
(She's younger than me, so has a better memory...
That's my story & I'm sticking to it)

Anyways, the pointof this story,
Well, there isn't one
I just wanted to have a
"show and tell" day!


  1. thanks for sharing the memories ... I enjoy the exchange between you and Dagmar

  2. Love it! You are a cosmopolitan girl!

  3. Hi Joyce, love the picture of you as children. It is great that you have vivid memories of your visits as children. My great-grandparents were also from Holland and settled in Holland, Michigan and Iowa City, Iowa in the USA.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. Just loved seeing your little blast from the past. Even though you and Dagmar are a long way from each other, I can tell the closeness of your relationship, it does the soul good to read your dialogue with each other.

  5. Even before you told us you 2 were the oldest, I picked you both out! How precious and I love that you had your own little communication going.

    Joyce, I knew we were really close to you... I had no idea it was only 1 1/2 hours!! Yes, Sun Peaks is fabulous - this was our 4th year up there.

  6. HOLY SMOKES!!! You have me off guard here. I'm in TEARS!!!!!! See all of us together WITH aunt Tonny hits me right in the chest. I do miss her soo sooo much. And memories like these are so so so so wonderful. Still I can't see shit of what I'm typing because the water is dripping down. I don't have this picture will you mail it to me please. Thanks for bringing up this memory. And yes we were a happy family for sure. To bad you two had to miss all the fun.

    And yea if only I could send some kroketten over to you, I would have every single month. Can't recall the fact you ordered them in Dutch, nor can I recall you talking in Dutch stubborn girl. ;-))))
    And being the younger one (yea right only 7 months) I have no clue what we were doing???? Acting Goofy I'll guess as always.

    Okay I'm gonna look up a surprise for you my girl. Do visit my blog. Sweet hugs love you even more today because of this special gift you've send me.
    Darn still can't hold my tears. Why am I the succer when it come to tears of us.

  7. I loved this post (and the pix, though I had NO idea who was who!). But I love the fact that you were able to make friends with cousins across the sea, learn one another's language, and be friends now. That makes me smile!

  8. Love it Joyce! And I picked you both out right away :) How fun!

  9. There's something very special about a cousin bond! lovely post :)

  10. oh yes, meant to say... love the current banner!

  11. i love the strong bond you and dagmar have. most of my cousins are much younger than me, i am more closer to my aunts and uncle.

  12. like your new banner and profile pic ... almost wondered if I were in new territory!

  13. Oh this is a beautiful post. It tells so much about you and Dagmar. I loved seeing your Aunt Tonny—I know how much she meant to you both.

  14. It would make your Aunt Tonny happy to see this post. She'd be proud of both you and Dagmar and the other children, as well.

    I always enjoy reading the banter between you and your cuz. Keep up the good blogging. I enjoy it.