Thursday, April 8, 2010

Look what I see!!

Can spring really be here??
The pussy willows seem to think so
(And, if I do say so myself, this is a great picture in which my camera behaved as it should)

Can it be...can it really tulips coming up!!
(Tulips in the garden, tulips in the park, but my favorite tulips, are two lips in the dark)
((sorry, that was written in my gr. 9 yearbook, have never forgotten some of those!))

And, even the daffoldils seem to believe its time to wake up
(And my camera was not behaving here!)

Green onions grow plentifully here, probably because no many other kinds of vegetables do.
You won't see any cucumbers or lettuces or cabbages in our neck of the woods!

What do I predict will be my biggest garden pest this year??

Playing in the last remaining snow patches

Or so I thought until I got up this morning
and opened my bedroom curtains!!

Hopefully, by the end of the day, it will be all gone,
allthough, as I look out my window at 9:45, it's still snowing lightly
That's okay, its just because I, along with half, make it three quarters, of our town
took our snow tires off last week.
'Till next time!


  1. Yippieeee....
    eindelijk Lente in zicht :-)
    Je ziet het al groeien .....
    Leuke foto's
    (Jullie hebben nog restantjes sneeuw zie ik ;)
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  2. Hey, Dagmar...if you read this....what's a restantje? Like a "little piece" I think.

  3. spring is fickle but it's coming ... I saw the first robins yesterday

  4. Oh my!! I loved all those "shoots" of spring, but then that snow! Hope it melted for you!!

  5. Isn't it just the best this spring thing? I don't know which picture I love most. (Although Monty ranks high! He WILL be a pest, but so endearing!)

  6. Ja een beetje sneeuw bedoelde ik ;)

    sorry !!

  7. We have pussy willows here, too. I'm nuts about them. Just looking at them makes me feel like a kid again.

    This morning I read this in Martha Stewart Living. "The Dutch say that tulips dance in a vase as they stretch toward the sun." Your tulip photo and cute rhyme made me think of it.

    Monty is so handsome...hard to believe that he'd be naughty in the garden.

    We had almost 6 inches of snow on Wednesday. Almost all gone now. Hate to say it, but it was pretty.


  8. I love Monty! And pussy willows. And snow (now that it's over and I don't have to shovel, but can see it in photos. Love this post.

  9. isnt it amazing seeing new life springing?