Monday, January 3, 2011

Missed moments

As photographers
(and I use that term very loosely with respect to myself)
We do capture some great times

Sometimes though
We are just not prepared
And we miss moments that won't ever return

The other day my mom and my 16 year old
Were watching a hockey game
The Canucks just may make to the Cup this year
The possibility is there anyways

Anyhow, mom & Trevor are great Canuck fans
And were watching the game as I sat nearby reading or knitting
Or whatever I was doing - it doesn't matter

The Canucks scored a goal
First goal of the game
And my mom and my son yelled and jumped out of their seats halfway to the ceiling
(Keep in mind my mom is 70)

They turned and gave each other a high five

It was so special to see
We didn't even mention it later
It was just one of those things
That they will probably remember for the rest of their lives

The day grandma and I watched a hockey game
The day my grandson and I watched a hockey game

For that moment in time, 16 and 70 were united in a common love


  1. How sweet! And those are the moments that end up etched on our brains forever!

  2. It may have been missed by the camera but it sure wasn't missed ! Those are the best moments !!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. It will always be in your memory ... beautiful.

  4. It's moments such as these which camera are not needed, the event will linger in memories forever! These types of moments are what makes life worthwhile and so special. Thank you for the shared moment.

  5. Hi you've got me laughing out loud my friend. But I can not totaly not picture your mom jumping sky feel the moment between the two though....they were always close.
    Tell me do they even wear the clubs cloths? Because that would be hilarious seeing my aunt in this huge shirt...if so DO send pics out please.

    Love ya and wished I was there. Hugs Dagmar

  6. can you send me your email.....and i will send you what i've found regarding your question :)

  7. you have captured the memory well without the need for a camera :)