Saturday, January 8, 2011

Room With a View Please

There's something to be said for being happy with the place in which you live
Sometimes I think that if I ever won the lottery
(As my better half is positive we will one day)
I wouldn't want to move

I like my property
Its not ocean view
that would be kinda hard as the nearest ocean is a 6 hour drive from here
Its not even lakeview
although I live in an area where you can't drive for 15 minutes without seeing a lake
But its 10 acres and all ours
(at least it will be in 7 years when the bank is paid out)

Our street has four 10 acre parcels on it
2 belong to our neighbour - we can just see his lights through the trees at night
1 to us
and the last parcel is just forest
belonging to somebody who may one day build there

I even like our house
although its kinda small and is technically a mobile home
I suppose I'd consent to building a new house
But there are more memories here

I am satisfied
More than satisfied
I love my home
And there's a lot to be said for that.


  1. Hello Joyce....what a lovely attitude. After 18 years, I still get a thrill as I drive up the hill and turn on to our street... and when I see our house, I know I'm home. Oh, 10 acres...I can only dream. Back in the 1980's we owned 80 wooded acres with a little house in the middle of it. Wish we still had it.

    Happy New Year, donna

  2. I know the feeling ... I love where I live.

  3. What a wonderful photo, I'd want to let the dog in but wouldn't! Out at the farm we have a huge dog, I say "we" as in my boyfriend has a dog, and I've let him in (the dog) on the odd occasion and ended up steam cleaning or washing floors!

    That' so wonderful to love where you live. I love my little home I recently moved into but would prefer it out of the city.

  4. I think you've found the definition of happiness - to be content with what you have, whatever the circumstances ! Nice post - great view !

  5. I do agree with you my friend. Luuuf your place. Wonderful hugs. and tutorial will follow as asked for.
    Smiles Dagmar

  6. So many rich posts here -- the one about your son moving -- oh, yes. I think we all have our version of that; ours hasn't quite come yet, like yours -- but you are so right about those clippers....

    This post -- absolutely wonderful. What peace to be in "your own spot." This post exudes happinesss and contentment. It makes me smile.

  7. I'm with you! Our house is nice, but we bought primarily for the land; country peace.