Saturday, May 5, 2012

Long, long ago tragedy

This wonder lady is a very good friend of mine
She's the confidante of half of our town's population
Entrusted with deepest darkest secrets
And though the fact that she's aging is showing,
She most usually has a good answer,
if not, at least a good ear.

The first time I met her at her house,
she brought me a coffee.
Then said, that's the only one I'm bringing you,
 after that you can help yourself to coffee or anything else
Because you're always a welcome friend here.

Well, this wonderful lady had a story
Which she shared with us the other day
When we heard it we thought,
how could she have gone on?

Prior to her last marriage and the three children of hers we knew about,
She had another marriage, with two children.
When the youngest was 2 months and the oldest was 2 years,
her husband disappeard
Never to be heard from again.
She went to work for a living
Having the kids in a childcare centre
Run by a globally well-known charity organisation

One day after work
She went to pick up the kids
And the place was empty
Cleaned out of furnishings
and children.

For many years they searched but could not find
She never knew what happened to them
But had to go on with her life

I can't imagine how.

Her daughter contacted her maybe 10 years ago
and they have stayed in contact

A couple of nights ago
Her phone rang.
The caller asked if this was so & so.
She said yes it is.
He said do you know someone named so & so.
She said why do you ask and how do you know me.
He explained he was that so & so
And he thought that she was his mother.
From whom he had been kidnapped 62 years ago.

After 62 years of not knowing what became of her little infant son
They finally found each other.
She was positively glowing last night
And can't want to meet him.

I am so happy for her.


  1. Oh my dearest Fran. Tell her I'll be thinking of her these days and I do hope she will have the most amazing time with her lost son.

    Talk soon hugs from me to you and her (don't forget)!!.

  2. your post moved me to tears

  3. Wow, this is amazing. This lady is amazing and it's fantastic that she's finally going to be reunited with her son. I can't even fathom something of this magnitude, not for one single moment... and to think it was a charity organization all those years ago? I guess the good old days weren't so good to everyone after all.

    Thank you for sharing this Joyce, it sure has touched me.

  4. What a phenomenal story, Joyce ! Proof that miracles do happen and that truth is stranger than fiction.