Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grad & Prom....He did it!

This was grad weekend
Despite some doubts now and then, my youngest son made it.
After living here for 23 years, this is the first time we will have no kids in school.

Unfortunately, he is in quite a "hate my parents" stage right now
So the celebrations weren't quite as happy as they could have been.
But we managed to get a few smiling photos,

As well as some not so smiley photos

Prom, the next night, was a little better
After much last minute planning,
he and his date arrived in the "Schwabmobile"

which gained a few laughs
even though the letters stuck on this side came off

A few other original ideas:

The following are two brothers, note the guy in the passenger seat
wearing a tank top and a tie, he is the younger brother with the role of driving the vehicle away and parking it.

Trevor and his date looked stupendous
(don't get to use that word very often!)

as did everyone else in their finest.
The emcee speculated that there was about $50,000.00 of grad gowns on the girls alone.  Thankfully, we had to provide for boys only!

Many of the kids grew up together and a lot of them we knew as little children, so it was amazing to see them all grown up.

We even, after much chasing and persuading, managed to get a picture of
Trevor with his dad and I.

All and all it was a memorable weekend, and since yesterday was my birthday, hubby and I went to dinner after leaving the kids to their special night.


  1. Hi, Joyce,

    Finally catching up on blogging after the trip, Gypsy's death and craziness at work! Congratulations -- we had a graduation, too -- and don't you feel proud? You deserve a hand!

  2. Happy birthday and congratulations on being "child free"! watch out for the empty nest syndrome. :-}

  3. Having raised two children and now helping to raise a grandchild, I honor each and every stepping stone in an individual's life. Congratulations to all!! A job well-done!

  4. Congrats to Trevor (and you two) - a significant milestone for which appreciation only grows with time. And only a short time ago you saw him off to kindergarten. Great shots, and creativity in the choice of transportation ;-)

    Had to chuckle at your blonde moments.

  5. The time goes by so quickly ... congratulation to all of you and many blessings for his future.

  6. Joyce, Trev is very soulful isn't he? Thinks way more than he'll ever say out loud. He resembles you Hubby a great deal. I wanted to congratulate the two of you. And, while it's usual to congratulate the graduate, I always feel the congrats need to go to the parents for honoring their commitment to see their children safely, (albeit it bumped and bruised,) to this point in life. It's a wonderful thing you have done. Wonderful. Happy Birthday to you as well!!!

    1. Handsome guy! Congratulations to all!

  7. Three cheers! He's so handsome! Love the family photo and all the ones of the folks in bikes and wagons! What a great moment!

  8. The bike and wagon parade make me giggle.