Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just a thought for the day

This was sent to me once by my grandmother in Holland.

Flowers of love to everybody for the coming week.


  1. That is really nice! I'm glad that you added the translation.

  2. Love those daisies and the saying.

  3. Joyce this is touching, the photo and verse are beautiful... how old is your granddaughter? So thoughtful!

  4. This is such a beautiful thought. Thank you for sharing it here. I needed that.

  5. So I see you have a granddaughter now .... ever do tell things to ME?!!! hahahahahah....did you read the above post by Darlin?

    I'm almost falling off my chair with laughter. But it might not be long're boys are getting there where we once were.....sigh.

    Oh and do you still have Spring? Do change your header my friend. IT'S SUMMER. Well it's supose to be...over here we have THE most crappy summer ever. Only rainy days and 15 C. Ugh.

    Well glad to be back and hope to hear from you soon. Send some mail your way with pics of the holidays.
    Hugs and love you lots.
    Dagmar xxx

  6. That's was a huge oops! lol I generally read blogger late at night or into the wee hours of the morning and obviously should wear my "Grammy" glasses when I'm reading! lol

    I'm so sorry Joyce, funny but not! :-)


  7. Oh I just caught up on the comments here and had a good chuckle ! Darlene - THAT's how rumours get started ! LoL !!

    Maar dat was toch echt mooi wat je grootmoeder je stuurde. En Dagmar - die is zeker familie ! Waar zeurt die nu over ;>)

    I hope you're having a good vacation away from the computer Joyce.

  8. I'm getting so confused... Rick you be talking to me? LOL

    I know, I know... see I'm still a human being who errs every now and again!

    Joyce will come home and wonder what the heck is going on here, no worries Joyce, it's all good here, or so I like to think! ;-)

  9. That's beautiful. Well worth remembering. Thanks for sharing.