Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

I did not get sick
Hockey went great
We even won
We named our team the "Grey Goose" (don't ask!)
I wasn't stiff the day after but today my legs feel like I was riding a horse
At the beginning of the second period I thought I could easily lay down on the ice
 and die of exhaustion
I had some spectacular falls...thank God for all that padding
(and I don't only mean the gear)
and why can't I stop quickly enough without crashing into the boards anyways?

Looking forward to next time.
The turkey went off without a hitch
and now I have a fridge full of cold turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, carrots and brussel sprouts
Not to mention the apple pie that didn't get touched because everyone wanted the pumpkin pie
 I may have to eat those left overs and work doubly hard next week on the ice!!
(both of these pics are actually from last year, but you get the drift)


  1. You are new hero playing hockey! Who knew?!?!

    1. Holly....up here in the Great White North, almost everyone is involved some way or another with hockey!

  2. 3 for 3 - in baseball you'd be batting 1.000 ! And next week you'll even score a goal !

    That dinner sounded delicious - maybe you can email me some of that apple pie.


  3. See you did your happy dance....yes yes yes yes...can almost imagine you swirling around. Wished I could have been there and take pictures...couse skating isn't my best thing. Oh and that apple it to me baby I'm drewling already. Dus regel het maar eens missie dan kunnen we hier lekker een bakkie doen samen met apple pie.
    Dikke kus ik hou van je.

  4. Oh my, I am truly impressed this morning. Hockey. More power to you, my dear. What you also did was remind me of winters long ago in which my dad created an ice "arena" the length of our back fence, and we would skate with him and race him and my grandfather back and forth on the ice. I never went further than that...but what wonderful memories. Thank you for that trip down memory lane - and for the gift of the female spirit:). Thank you, also, for continuing to visit my own blog-world! Happy October morning.

  5. Wow, I really envy you for playing ice-hockey! I just do it with my students at school, but I would like to put on the whole equipment and get out on the ice with other girls and women.

  6. Glad you didn't get sick. And I join in the groups who are envious that you played hockey. I can't stand up on regular ground very well -- ice is an absolute killer for me, so extra good for you notes! If I was Canadian, I would use my Thanksgiving wish to keep you from tumbling on the ice!