Friday, February 15, 2013

The Gift

I am not a holiday-celebrating type of person
though I do love the two boxes of chocolates and the potted pink kalanchoe plant
it would not bother me any if we did not celebrate any holidays
I don't like days when you are expected to do something just because its a holiday.
That is why I didn't write a Valentine's day post
when it seems every other blogger in Blogland did.
Last night I was watching Big Bang Theory
and a situation came up that made me appreciate the day.
Amy's gift to Sheldon was to stay in, order pizza
and watch one of his "Star Trek Wars movies"
Because she was his girlfriend and she wanted to give him
the gift that would please him the most.
Sheldon's gift to Amy was to give her a copy of his
personnel record of the university where he works
and tell her to look at the
"person to contact in case of emergency" field
where he had entered her name.
They were both thrilled beyond words
and such simplicity
made a little bit of gushy mushy inside me smile.



  1. Howdy! not mushy! I know better than that. You can be if you want bad you're kicking and screaming agains the world all the time....but glad to hear you had fun watching a show on tv.
    Hugs D.

  2. I love the part about the personnel record thing. Rick and I have recently redone wills to add one another. It felt almost bigger than marriage because it meant we trusted and loved each other enough to hang through to the end. I wish I'd seen that episode. I would have cried.

  3. Love it:). I have never watched much of that program, but find I am drawn to it now for the good laugh it affords. And then there are the poignant moments. So true. THAT's Valentine's day!

  4. Isn't it a wonderful world and time we're living in! Here I'm sitting on the other side of the globe, I've never heard about that show, but I got very curious about it, so.... why not try to find any information about it, started with You Tube - and can you believe it!!! I found exactly the scene that you described and it was really very charming!

  5. I don't know about you not being a holiday person. You did pretty well, I'd say.