Thursday, February 14, 2013

That's my story and I'm sticking to it

despite my best intentions,
I have let blogging fall by the wayside again, for the past few weeks
the reasons are identifyable
and not entirly unforgiveable
and after all, it is my blog
and ultimately, though I love to share with others's blogs
and truly appreciate and look forward to comments
I am doing this for me
we are all doing this for us I suspect
do you ever write a post that you especially like
and don't really want to cover up with a new one?
that's how I feel about my last one
I have read it over and over to myself
and love the pics of my boy when he was small
so that was my original reason for not updating
but, blogging is like a good friend who is a long ways away
it takes time, energy and true willingness to keep the friendship up
and so, I am writing again, rambling again
to keep it up
I printed a book of my first few years of blogging
and it is a journal of sorts
my thoughts, feelings, remembrances and experiences
together with images I felt appropriate
and shared and commented upon by others
It's a legacy
my children may read it someday
and laugh or cry over the parts of inner me,
things they didn't know about
so, am I blogging for me or for them?
I guess both
then I think, that's kind of, what's the word I'm looking for,
egotisctical in a way
to think that my kids would be interested in those parts of me
to think that anyone would be interested in inconspicuous little me
100 years from now, nobody alive now will remember who I was
I may hang on an ancestorial wall
part of a family tree
And I may even look down from above
and say....that was me.


  1. Whatever the reason, it's always fun to find you here.

  2. Glad to see you back! Think about it. How much do you know, really know, about your grandfather or great grandfather? The blog journal could be a legacy to your great grand children!

  3. My husband insists that I get my blog printed every 6 months so I have a hard copy and can give it to my kids later on. You don’t have to include all your posts, just the ones you like, and then you know if something happens to the Web you won’t lose all your posts.

  4. Of course we do it for us. And in a lot of ways -- because we want to write and to share with those who we know love us. But also because look what we get! We get friends who may not know us intimately but who support us when we're down. We learn new things. We make dozens of relationships that may or may not stand the test of time, but stand the test of now. The Gypsy lets me think. It helps me synthesize things I don't want to lose. And if others get joy, a laugh, an idea, a motivation from it -- all the way better. Now, I must go check your post to see if I missed it during my sickness!

  5. When I read this post some days ago I thought that a lot of it could have been my own words. But it often happens that I can't write a comment just after I have read a post as it gives me so many thoughts that I don't have the words for immediately. So now when I jumped in to your blog and this post again I saw that you had written a new one. But I decided that I have to let that one wait until I'm ready with this one.

    I have also been reading a post that I've been satisfied with and sometimes to give me strength to continue the writing.