Thursday, July 9, 2015

Down the hatch....

I visited the coast this weekend for my mom's 75th birthday
If she knew I was writing her age anywhere she'd be upset!

We spent the day in Vancouver,
taking the Skytrain to Canada Place
walking along the new portion of the seawall 
that now connects Canada Place to Stanley Park
Probably walked 15 km that day.

But this post is about this seagull
We watched him pluck a starfish from the barnacles
Fly with it to a dock 
and proceed to eat it. 

I expected him (or her) to tear it apart first
but nope.
He lifted his head and with some effort
swallowed it whole.  

It was fascinating to watch it literally make it's way down his gullet
Gave me the weebeegeebies to think of those arms and tentacles moving around inside.

Sushi anyone?


  1. I love this sequence...but also got a bit of a delighted shiver at the thought of watching the starfish meet its demise! I can not believe we went right through your area of Canada! I doubt we will return home the same way, but if we do I will contact you!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity to catch this seagull in fine dining mode! It's amazing to think that the starfish can go down, legs and all!

  3. Wow - now I've seen almost everything ! Great sequence Joyce.

    Also reminds me of the time I came close to inadvertently killing a seagull - we were camping up north, preparing dinner and I threw a piece of rotten, uncooked potato at a seagull to get him to back off. Instead, he grabbed the piece and tried to swallow it but it was just too large and unwieldy. He looked like he was choking to death on it but I think he finally managed to get it down - bet it sat in his gut for quite a while.