Monday, March 15, 2010

I have been trying to focus on the main thing lately...
the main things..(with an s)

Problem being, I have too many main things.
I have had to sort through my life
And look at my priorities
Blogging has not been able to be one of them
That doesn't mean I've gone for good
Nor that I don't think of you all, and wonder how you're all doing
'Cause I surely do.
And it doesn't mean I've gone for good,
Hopefully when spring break is over, I'll have a bit more time
For my creative self,
For now though,
my spirit flies on the wind of focus
(Is there such a thing?)


  1. I understand as blogging can be hugely time consuming....

    but we're here....always waiting for your return :)

    {and the eyes in my's called "catch light" and it works well near windows.....where you literally catch the light in their eyes with your camera lens...often you don't even know you got it until you see the photo on your computer}
    and those boy, one girl are amazingly adorable !

  2. Only so much energy and time to go around means priorities must shift and change - it's life's dance. Thinking of you too and look forward to your return... whenever that is :)

  3. Hi sweetie, glad to have you back even if only for a short period of time. Love the picture, even when I'm fatt up with snow!!!

    Oh and if only I could have been there with you in the car with monty, windows down, wind in our hair yeahhhaaaa let's rock and roll babe.

    Gladd you had me in your mind with you there.
    Miss you lots and lots.
    Hugs Dagmar

  4. I've been wondering about you Joyce and hoping all was well. If blogging becomes a burden/chore, then why bother? When you do decide to post again, I'll be waiting. Happy spring to you.


  5. " spirit flies on the wind of focus..." Not that is intense, in a beautiful way.

  6. it's always good to have a visit with you ...