Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hump Day (as in over the hump of midweek)

Coffee and the paper
That's my wednesday morning ritual.
Good rituals are good habits
Wednesdays are the days that our local paper comes out.
Most often I go to town,
Pick up the paper, go to Timmie's (Tim Hortons, for you uncanadians)
Have a coffee & a bagel & the paper.
This morning I didn't go to town,
But still had my ritual.
(I may need 2 cups this morning)
I have almost an unreasonable anticipation for wednesdays
There is hardly ever anything in the paper that I didn't already know
Small towns being what they are
I already knew about the state of the timber industry, the new drama lady who had come to town, the fact that we will likely have a harsh fire season because of the dry winter, the occurance of the banker's variety show this past weekend, that there had been a charge in the sinking of the "Queen of the North" in which 2 local residents were never found, that the grad fashion show is coming up, that the Taskeo mine project is controversial, that local teenager Taya is in the children's hospital with cancer, that Art had turned 90, and that our friend Bud had died peacfully.
I did not know that an impaired driver drove into the ditch, that a home in Forest Grove had burnt down because of a chimney fire, that the Garlic Festival was being resurrected, that 2 local girls had been invitied to play in an elite Vancouver spring hocky league, that there had been a fire drill at the junior high, or that the South Cariboo Idol search is underway.
I do know that this post will likely have bored you all to tears.
Sorry 'bout that.
That's life in a small town.
And I love it.
(What I don't know is why when I tab to the next line, there is a space between the lines, does anyone else know??)


  1. I don't know about the spacing problem ... I've been experiencing it, too ... and I live close to a small town and the news is similar ... different names ... but it is gift

  2. South Cariboo Idol search! Can you sing? Can you dance. Can you skin a deer blindfolded? I love it.
    :) When I was a teenager I spent a whole summer in Bancroft ON. You meet the most lovely (and sometimes strangest) people in small towns. Just the other day I took a Google maps tour of that little town. I found the house that I stayed at and to my dismay there was a Macdonald's restaurant on the main street.

    Always great fun reading your blog

  3. Joyce, I live in a small town too and we only get the paper once a week. It keeps the town quaint... posting these blogs always gets me with the spacing and alignment.

  4. Small town living and small town news is the best.

    What? No mention of Ann Coulter visiting Canada:)

    I have some catching up to do on your blog. I hate missing even one post.


  5. Hi joyce
    I thought you was from The Netherlands
    because your profile picture
    is "Jip en Janneke" its from a
    dutch cartoon for a childrensbook :)))

    Have a nice day and thanks for your visit
    you are always welcome :-)

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  6. I love reading the paper in the small town I summer in. There's a different sensibility. People know people, what they do, what's right and what's wrong with them. I read our local paper in five minutes -- there's nothing there! But I can spend a rather long while with the Gaylord rag!

  7. I love to have time to read the paper - unfortunately Sunday's are the day I get to sit with my cup of tea and enjoy it. Hope you enjoyed the rest of you week, have a great weekend.

  8. Love the life next to a small town! Timmy Rules!
    It appears our town is about to get a second timmy watering spot. Maybe it's a sign that the small town is growing too big?

  9. Been years since the small town issues were part of my life... however, I rarely read a newspaper -- hit the I-net instead -- and except for the cartoons, and word games, my BP/adrenalin charge hits b/c of the annoyingness of the stories and opinions, etc. Nice of you to have a gentler approach...