Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well I'll be galdurned

This is my camera
I've only had my camera since 2006?
As far as electronics go one could argue that it's ready for the museum.

It's been fairly good to me but I know it's capable of more than I know how to do.
I like taking pictures, but I just have not been able to understand about apertures and fstops and isos and the hundreds of other numbers

There's one thing that has given me no end of trouble though.
That is closeups of flowers and the like.
Sometimes i get lucky, most of the time it just refuses to focus the way I want
No matter how many many different things I tried.

I was going through some camera hints in my scrapbooking magazines
and they all said one thing in common:
Know your Manual!

I do not know my manual

I have read it front and back
The English part anyways.
I might as well have read some parts in the French or Spanish sections though

They said
"Play with your camera"

I took it to the park,
got some nice pics

Although I didn't see much difference in the settings when I previewed them
I wanted to catch different images of water
In particular, water droplets

Although as I look at them on my computer, there is a difference.
Not sure why these happen every time I try the faster shutter speed, or what I think is the faster shutter speed:

Anyways, I thought I'd give it another read
and saw something I missed before
Something about the difference between AF, AE and AE/AF
It looked like just the thing
This is how the very first pictures turned out:

Even Monty was impressed (you can see one of the flowers I was trying to get in the background at his chest level)


  1. Nice shots! My camera is a Kodak point and shoot also.

  2. Lovely!!
    Have to tell you... I wasn't able to get the crystal clear close-ups until I got my Canon Rebel and narrowed the focus field to a dot. I actually rely on manual focus on my older camera, rather than auto, because the auto focus area is too large (though my aging eyes are making it more challenging!)

  3. You win and you win big! These are lovely and I especially love that translucent flower with the back lighting and the portrait of Monty. Amazing. I just have a point and shoot -- used to have a "nice" camera and got frustrated with many of the things you note. You have to have time to read the manual first and then play. So good for you, going for it. I can see the results!

  4. Joyce it can get rather confusing, I too haven't read my manual and am always asking others how they took that photo. I'm learning slowly but surely, the next course I'd like to take is a photography course, I've got all the toys, the expensive lenses and now want a newer camera. I'll have way more free time once these next two courses are finished and I have this degree and courses keep me outta trouble and in my country! lol Actually that's a lie, my education was what led me to Australia!

    It'll all come in good time, just be patient and keep on shooting those photos. I'm also a trial and error photographer, sometimes I just use my point and shoot if I'm out and about, but whatever works for you and you feel good about then keep on doing it is my suggestion.

    I love your photo of your manual, that's a classic! lol The shot of your dog is fantastic. Lighting also plays a huge role in how our photos turn out, but you know that already. This is why I've bought polarizer lenses, it takes the bright sun and filters it leaving me with the color in my shots still.

    Have an awesome weekend and keep on shooting! :-)

  5. yep, those darn manuals come in handy :)
    and no, i haven't used pic monkey for anything other than my the pink flower you liked, lightroom all the way baby :)

  6. Pretty nice work Joyce - looks like your camera 'played' along. Lovely shots of that clematis - almost 'artsy'.

    Never hurts to read about 1 feature of your camera and try it out till you see what it does, then onto the next. Before you know it, you'll have read the manual !

  7. You're doing a great job!!! I have also jumped over that manual reading, and just played with the camera, but.... I should read it and and I've also thought about taking some kind of class so someone could tell me what to do.

  8. I can relate! I have yet to read the manual for my camera and I've had it for nearly ten years. I just play, experiment with the settings occasionally and hope for the best. Over the years I've become quite familiar with what it can (and can't!) do but I suspect if I took the time to read the manual, and practice, it would open up even more possibilities. The technicalities really don't excite me though. And I'm lazy. And I don't even know where the manual is anymore... ;)

    Bravo to you for taking the time because your shots are lovely! :) I especially like the top one of the flower. Beautiful!

  9. I liked the first water one best. You know, I never read my manual. Yikes.