Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Come take a walk with me and my dog

This is "The Butte"
The left over plug of an ancient volcano
and the namesake of my town
This picture was taken at Christmas time, with a distinct lack of snow
and yet, we ended up with more snow this year than we've had in years

Anyhow, the picture is just to lay the groundwork and give some perspective

Most days I take my dog for a walk, sometimes through the bush, sometimes on the paths along the road.  Today was a bush day to the old cemetary ,a favourite place to sit and reflect.

I usually stop there because after that it's mostly uphill
Today I decided to keep going and after much huffing and puffing, found myself at the end of the path and the beginning of the rock climb up the Butte

I must add, this is not a place I thought I'd ever make it to again

It's one heck of a steep climb,
the kind where you take five or six steps, then have to stop and turn around to catch your breath.

My cousin Dagmar (who seems to have temporarily disappeared from the blogosphere)
could tell you a great story about being on this path with a bear below her and the rock above,
and having to climb up and stay on top until she figured the bear was gone.
And how if her dad ever found out, he'd never let her come to Canada again!

I didn't climb up the rock itself because Monty would not be impressed about being left behind.

Anyhow, we made it safely up and down
On the way back home Monty remembered a spot where he once caught a mouse a few years ago
every time we pass it he checks it out, to make sure there's no more there.

Over a fence

While Monty trustingly
waited for me to lift the bottom so he could crawl underneath

Along the path to the marker where we turn off along our own property

25 steps back to retrieve the leash that fell out of my pocket along the way

Along the home stretch

And break through the bush to the back of our home

Thanks for your company!!

PS....these were all taken with my cellphone....the wonder of it all!


  1. I'm out of breath from that steep climb! Glad you made it safely.

    The roses on my post are a photo. The bush is beginning with its second round now.

  2. What an amazing back yard you have! The hill is a great workout from the sounds of it and it's so beautiful! I love your dog, it's funny how dogs memory is so keen, they seem to never forget!

    That's some cell phone camera you have Joyce, excellent photos!

  3. Joyce I forgot to mention that I responded regarding my studies on my grad photo post, to keep you in the loop! :-)

  4. i can never take photos with my phone... despite having an iphone. oh i hate phones. dont like them at all. but i am impressed with what you have achieved. looks like a fun walk.

  5. Loved to follow you and the dog on this trip. If I don't have my camera I always bring my cellphone, not to be available, no just to have a camera if some interesting happens.

  6. Well, if someone tells you to 'take a hike' you've certainly got a great place to go ;>) Thanks for taking me along.

    [I noticed that Dag seems to have gone 'missing' - back to Chamonix ?]

    About your question on my blog - yes, that's the Rideau Canal system that runs from Ottawa to Kingston (the shot was in Merrickville).

  7. Wow, this is a great place to expore. Your companion seems very happy with the territory, too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment last week...I responded to your comment about not knowing what settings I was talking about - all you need to do is get out there and enjoy. Great shots from a phone. You're right, who would ever have guessed we'd come to this age?!

  8. I also need to thank you for responding to my Flag Day post. Flag Day commemorates the day the American Flag was adopted, in 1777. We didn't have an official "day" until 1916. By the way, Happy Canada Day:). We've had a busy week in North America, haven't we?:)

  9. Hey ya cousin.....so you went up the Butt hey? Good Lord if only I could have gone with ya. The best spot ever to look down at God's creations.

    Funny that you remembered my encounter with mr. bear. Still dad doens't know the story....so let's keep it this way. ugh.

    It was beyond fun to see it all again. It's been quite some years now since my last visit. Makes me wanna come straight away.

    Oh well great that montey kept you on the right track. And again...loosing stuff? like leashes and a mouse...looks like storm where he lost a ball, keeps looking and digging for it for over years now too. I'll bett they like eachother.

    Well byes for now hugs.

  10. Oh, my -- I haven't been here in a bit! I'm back to June! I love your beautiful spaces. Monty looks happy, too!