Thursday, January 31, 2013

Small town acquaintances in big town life

I do like Facebook for certain things.
I happened to note on "my wall" or whatever its called
that my son, Jeremy, has tickets for a hockey game
on Monday in Edmonton
and that he is "stoked" to go as he has never been to an NHL game
Anyways, someone commented that they were going too.
And asked who he was going with and where his seats were
and if there were "pre-drinks" arranged anywhere
(not that I needed to know that!)
 This someone is also named Jeremy
and therein lies the story.
When my son was maybe 2 years old or so,
we went to a local moms and tots group.
There was another mother who had a son also named Jeremy.
This Jeremy's grandmother had knitted him a little jacket with his name on the back
He had outgrown it and the young mother was delighted to be able to pass
it on to another Jeremy, otherwise it would have been stuck in a closet.
The mother and I didn't really stay in contact.
Both Jeremys grew up in the same town though not the same school
 both involved in things that meant running into each other
and while there was not really a close friendship,
there was a friendly small town acquaintance
One a year older than the other
They were both into hockey and both reffed for a time (my Jeremy not for very long).
They were both in soccer though not on the same teams as those were divided by school
and when the time came for high school,
 they attended Junior and Senior High together
(as there is only one of each).
The one had a girlfriend who was friends with a friend
They sometimes found themselves at the same party
Or happened to be hanging around with the same group at the park or the arena
Or would run into each other at a fast food place
(not McDonalds, the powers that be deem that we are too small for one here :()
Fast forward a few more years and they have both grown into young men
Both have left the small British Columbia town life behind
for the big bucks to be earned in Northern Alberta
Made lives for themselves as adults.
I had no idea they still kept tabs on each other
When suddenly this Facebook comment comes up
about two small-town boys with the same name running into each other in the big city.
I thought it was kinda neat.


  1. Those Sunset Sunday shots are WoW ! And that snow looks beautiful - especially piled up on that bench. We found that 3 weeks of it around Christmas was enough - and we got over 60cm during that time. Great story about the 2 Jeremys - it is a small world after all. [still, I have no use for Facebook]

  2. A sweet story about the Jeremys. The sweater looks very nice too. I would not like to have that much snow, but I would exchange snow any day for the tornado that passed by us yesterday – it was kind of scary.

  3. That's so awesome, it really is a small, small world!

  4. I could take or leave FaceBook. But, blogging? AH! That's my heart.

  5. I love this story and all the connections. FB connected me with some friends from my childhood. It's funny how, when we start moving around and growing up, so many good friendships fade into the background and how, once we reconnect we check in daily to see how life is going. In addition, we've traveled back to our hometown and visited old haunts together. Such fun! Could never have happened without FB.

  6. While we still don't understand what Social Media will mean to personal lives and businesses, there's no question that it has changed how we can stay in touch with each other in a much more immediate way. Blogging is part of that trend, but it's more for ourselves as individuals than it is for ways of contacting. Still, I love stories like this. It makes me think that we live in an amazing age, even if it is terribly complicated and hard at times.

  7. Love stories like this and the pictures are priceless. Look at all the bikes/trikes in the background. A wonderful part of the world for these boys to have grown up. Hope they are both healthy and happy and stay in touch with one another. They better stay in touch with their moms, too. ha ha

  8. Joyce, I've read about the shredded Irish Spring, too. Saw it on Pinterest, so it must be true. ha ha Pinterest....another time waster that I enjoy.

  9. Every time I get frustrated with Facebook, something like that happens and I think I can't give it up! Thanks for sharing this -- it's a wonderful story.

  10. Yes, I remember this one -- I don't blame you for not posting over it sooner!