Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hail to the Prince!

Prince George

While the world, well, some of us anyway,
eagerly anticipated the newest royal birth
(I was sure it would be a girl)
and then the name game
I was remembering the last two princes' births
I don't really remember William's, though I do remember his parents' wedding
But I vividly remember the announcement of the name of his sibling, Harry.
I thought to myself, "What a stupid name for a prince, or a baby in general, Harry."
I didn't realize at the time that it was a form of Henry. 
And even now, I question the judgement of the name, given the notoriety of King Henry VIII.
But now, 29 years later, who could think of Prince Harry as anything other than a Harry?
In this world of monikers such as Hopper, Apple, Kyd, Maddox, Blue and Fuchsia
(Google celeb's baby names!)
We could be assured that he would at least have a traditional name.
I was really hoping that it would not be Edward,
As King Edwards, historically, did not do well.
King Edward III died in battle
King Edward IV died as a fairly young man of some illness
King Edward V was one of the two lost princes in the tower, at 13 years of age he and his brother Richard having gone into the Tower of London and never were seen again,
their fate unknown to this day.
And King Edward VIII abdicating the throne for love, though that's probably not a bad trade-off, though it did wreak havoc.
So, we have a Georgie, named after his great, great grandfather no doubt.
Whether he will one day be King remains to be seen
in the greater scheme of things
whether he will be happy, that's all that any parent could wish for.
Prince William

Prince Harry

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  1. I also eagerly awaited the birth. I love anything British/royal. The name is not one I would have picked, but it's respectable:). Love the flash-back photos of William and Harry - thank you for writing about this event. Me too:)