Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunny and hot with internet outages.

What started out as a seemingly productive day
has come to an abrupt halt. 
To be fair, I suppose it depends on my definition of productive.
Thursdays are one of my "long" days, where I usually work for 7½ hours
I do medical transcription and it simply cannot be done without
an internet connection. 
So, for every blip in the connectivity, I get some laundry folded, or the bed made, or part of a scrapbook page done, or an iced coffee made, or a few lines of a blog written.
Productive, but not earning much money that way!
I think the Internet Gods that control my connection
are in bed with the weather man.
Every type of extreme, although that's not really the word given the extreme weather conditions that have plagued the world lately, but I can't think of a better word,
So, every type of odd weather,
that's not the word either.
If its unusually cold, hot, windy, rainy, snowy
We have outages.
Today it's about 30 I would guestimate (no idea what that is in Fahrenheit, sorry guys)
Not overly unbearable hot, but, hot for us with nary a cloud in the sky.
So, I am cursing my lack of production, hoping that my supervisor believes me
(maybe I should send her a link to this blog!).
Usually our weather can be summed up as this:
"Sunny and hot with some clouds and periods of coldness and rain with maybe some wind and a chance of frost or snow with possibly some lightening, repeat every 20 minutes."
That's when I can count on Mr Internet God to perform!


  1. Ha ha - I can empathize. We've suffered for years with truly horrendous internet. Wouldn't be so bad if it was (reasonably) fast when it was working but dial-up was faster when we had it. Got so bad that after I wrote to the GM of the company I was on a first name basis with several of his 3rd level engineers. Couldn't fix the issues after 4 years of aggravation (very few options out here in the boonies).

    DSL finally made it to our area 2 weeks ago - I tested it and switched in a heartbeat. So far, so good.

    Hope yours gets better.

    btw - great description of Alberta weather !

  2. Your post cracked me up - as this could also describe Michigan! I don't work from home and have had a lovely two months off - I work a 10-month contract - but the weather is what my life is based on most of the time! Your 30 degrees is about 95 degrees in my part of the world. And NOTHING gets done when it's that hot. We do not have air conditioning so I sit and swelter and can't get my mind working on anything - which includes computer time. No motivation. Back to work August 1, in an air-conditioned office, and no more excuses:). Oh well.