Monday, September 16, 2013

They still need me.........

My boys are young men
Flown out of our nest
Making lives of their own
We hope we gave them the good foundations
we love them and are proud of them
but miss the little boys they were.

Then I get a phone call:

"Mom, I need help.....the instructions on the frozen vegetables 
say to add salt, but I don't have any.  Is it still okay to use them?"
"Mom, I need help.... I had a sudden thought that maybe the town
water isn't any good and that I'll get a disease from it, is it okay 
to drink it?"  (this from the one who has OCD and gets
sudden real fears about things like that)
"Mom, I need help....I can't figure out how to attach my resume to my email."
"Mom......I need help, I'm not sure how to fill out this form."
"Mom.....I need help, I don't know what to do about this problem with this girl."
It's good to know they still need me to help them with their puzzles and get them out of tight spots
some a little bigger than they used to be
and some smaller than what seemed like a huge problem when they were little.
It's good to be needed and good to remember in those darker days
that sometimes I don't like the world
but I may mean the world to someone.
Love you boys!


  1. I think we all need "Mom" from time to time, no matter the age.

  2. My son has been home for a few days on leave and leaves to go back to his base today. He just got home from his second tour of duty, this time in Afghanistan, and has sewn on his Staff Sgt. stripe. He doesn't need me anymore, but there are times when he lets us know we are still important and he trusts our judgment in some things. I so understand this post of yours...and it's beautiful for you to be able to see how much you are needed.

  3. Too fast. Way, way too fast. They grow up in absolutely no time. Thank God they don't grow away.

  4. yep your still needed girl.....and on days if not by your beautiful big big sons then by me.....too far away is what you are my dearest friend across the world.

    Miss you too much. Do seek for the Sunny days.
    Oh an email me when the dark ones rise...hugs and love forever.

  5. Reminds me of an old Dean Martin (remember him ?) song - slightly altered: "Everybody needs somebody sometime ..."

    Not sure if you're a Van Morrison fan, but I really like These Are the Days - have a listen.

  6. As Dagmar I also hope you understand how much your readers needs you too. Your posts are always very interesting as this time when you share old photos and experiences. I still have my teenagers in the house but I recognize so much of your post.