Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You know the feeling......

That yucky gucky feeling in your gut
when you  know something decidedly unpleasant is coming up
but you don't know exactly how it's going to play out
or what it will do to you
you know it's going to happen
but you don't know when
you just want it to be over with so that you can put it behind you
and start, again, at day 1.
you can't concentrate
you make way too many trips to the bathroom
if you were an alcoholic you could make the yucky gucky go away for now
if you were into drugs you could deaden the feelings
but you're not either one and it would just lead to more yucky gucky anyways
So sleep is the only option
You could enhance that sleep
Make it more of an unconsciousness than a sleep
You're capable of that, have done it before
but in the end, where does that get you
So, you wait with open ears and baited breath.
Get it over with and start anew.


  1. Prayers for you, Joyce, for peace to embrace you and lift the heaviness.

  2. Hang in there Joyce! This too will pass!

  3. You're right - I know the feeling.

    Hopefully for you the feeling will soon pass. Lucky for us (most) bad memories fade away with time - which is why they're called 'the good old days'.

  4. yes, that gut feeling. i know it well, but unfortunately i don't always follow what i feel :(