Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Itch

Don't get me wrong
I like having a big window in my bedroom office
(my office office has a window that I can't see out of when I am working)

There are far more pros than cons
when it's the dead of winter
with three feet of snow
and temperatures to freeze your lungs if you dare breathe
it's nice to be behind the glass
with a little electric heater at my feet subsidising the wood stove heat

but the last dredges of snow melted a few days ago,
the temperature is bearable
the wind is blowing
(I like wind)
and I really, really want to be outside.

There's something in the spring air that calls,
louder than the summer heat
"come outside, be outside, work outside"

I can hear it now...

I am finished my work for today
as Wednesdays are half days for me
and I'm going to go find some work gloves, the wheelbarrow
and a rake

and be outside.


  1. What a perfect window for your outdoor view. The large windows in my home make the winter seem shorter and more doable.

  2. What a great view! (We have April roses and peonies blooming here. Crazy. By Memorial Day the peonies will all be gone!)

  3. Ah yes, the itch - I know it well. I've already had the wheelbarrow and garden tools out - the day after the day after we got home from down south (we had snow on the day after). Will be time to get the first seeds in the veggie garden this week.

    Nice view out the window - especially looking at those lonely chairs.