Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've got the bloggin blues

Okay, I've spent the last hour
Trying to spring up my blog
It's most definitely not how I want it

As I sit here watching Mrs Walowitz and Sheldon in a dressing room
On the Big Bang Theory show
She's trying on a dress
She says
 "I can't make it fit
If I shove the front in, the back pops out
If I shove the back in, the front pops out"

That's kind of how I feel right now.
If I change one thing, the other moves
then I change the thing back
And the original one moves.
Get it?

Me neither.

I'm confused
and confuddling
and exasperated
and out of patience

Any help, especially for centering the header pic
Is greatly appreciated


  1. That expression captures exactly how I would feel too ... but I'm no blogger expert. Maybe someone else will lend a hand ...

    I experimented with a new format blogger recommended a few months back but feedback from people made it clear that the old format was much preferred. So I don't fool around with it.

  2. i have been wanting to change the look of my blog as well. i am not the most skilled at changing headers, but if you email me i can try and help.

  3. Is this a template? Templates can be so darn difficult to rearrage things. I have done it in the past, after all this is a machine and I like to believe I'm smarter than something I plug in to the wall, but how... it's trial and error for me and no simple solution. Sorry I can't be of more assistance.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed and Happy Easter!

  4. Joyce-
    My daughter gave me a blog design a year or so ago for my birthday. She used Design Girl. (At the bottom of my sidebar is a link to her website.) It is kind of pricey. I will probably change it some day, but I love the rotating banner. There are 3 different photo collages that turn up.

    BUT...I think a lot of it is your template choice. Before this design, I would use Picasa to create photo collages and then upload the collage for my header picture. That worked really well. Keep playing-- that is how I learn! Happy Easter!