Monday, April 16, 2012


'twas my intention to find signs of spring
as i wandered around the marsh/bird sanctuary in town

there were a few, like pussy willows, Canada geese
and a representative group of the local duck community
testing their water wings on a small space of unfrozen pond

but my camera would not cooperate
and i was ready to pack it in
it insisted on focusing on what i did not want to focus on

when i heard a young burble gurgle of a tiny waterfall
sight unseen

i followed my ears
and got closer
then this old bridge appeared

i wondered why it was there
on a path that came from the high school on the left
and the arena on the right

but led to seemingly nowhere
all the while appreciating my luck

i stepped from one rotten old plank to the next
each one feeling like spongy peat under my feet
i had visions of a troll's gnarly claws catching my foot
and breaking my ankle

cause that's just the kind of thing i would do

ask anyone who knows me

anyways, i followed the mushy bridge,
got a wet shoe, sock and foot and a muddy knee and shin
nothing that won't clean up


my camera stayed dry

 and lo and behold
i found that it was not a nasty old troll's bridge after all


but a kite-eating partner of Charlie Brown's kite-eating tree!!

how lucky for me!


  1. First of all - great shots, and I like how you framed them. And a nice whimsical commentary to boot. Sometimes it's the less trodden paths that hold the treasures !

  2. i really like your first shot.

  3. I like this so much - both your words and the wonderful shots.

  4. That is one old pathway, but a new kite. Great shots.

  5. Remember us taking a hike up to the falls. When you said don't jump crossing the big rocks...well I did and got myself a when sock, shoe, jeans. Ha, what fun we had.

    looked you had fun too. Luuuuf the first two and last picture. You did so well and I'll guess the camera did work here with you. ;-) Hugs my friend miss you lots.

  6. Looks like the perfect place for an adventure.

  7. Hi Joyce! It was so great hearing from you on my blog! It has been awhile. So fun to come here and see all the changes you have made, your blog looks lovely and welcoming. Hope all is wonderful! We are happy to see spring as well! This was our first time experiencing "real" seasons outside of S. California, so now I get it! :) xoxo

  8. I enjoyed the journey and discovery Joyce, you're photos speak volumes! Have a wonderful week. Cheers.

  9. Checked for an email address but couldn't find one. In regard to your comment, Joyce, you can too.